WW3 Update – The Stage is Set

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Saber Strike is one of a series of military exercises running concurrently in Eastern Europe in June. Allied forces will be testing the solidity of their eastern front in “Swift Response”, “Iron Wolf” and “Anaconda 2016″, to point out just the bigger ones.

These exercises could be viewed as a dress rehearsal just before the 27th NATO summit to be held on 8-9 July in Warsaw. Amongst the main goals of this summit: decide the long-term ramifications of the crisis on NATO’s relations with Russia and think about the next steps. reports;


A Russian ceasefire monitoring center in Syria says more than 2,000 militants have gathered in a northern neighborhood of the embattled city of Aleppo for an offensive.

In a statement, the center said Saturday that “militants from different terrorist organizations and groups of the so-called ‘moderate opposition’ are concentrated in the region of Sheikh Maqsood.”

Quoting civilians in Aleppo, the center said armed groups, partly made up of Turkish soldiers, had appeared north of the city and begun an offensive against positions held by Syrian troops southwest of Aleppo.

An official with the monitoring base said more than 40 people were killed and about a hundred injured in a shelling by the al-Qaeda-affiliated al-Nusra Front terrorist group on Saturday.

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