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Let The Cat Out Of The Bag: CIA And Russian President: UFO And Aliens Exist

Written by JayWill7497


The CIA has verified that there’s been alien activity on our planet. After the fairly recently declassified UFO files from high-ranking officials have been released, it appears that the existence of aliens is close to being established. To assist the U.S Government, former Russian President Dmitry Medvedev confessed to handing out data relating to extraterrestrials to members of the Kremlin.


January of 2016 witnessed the CIA release thousands of declassified files on UFO’s, aliens and other unexplained occurrences. All the files date back to the 1940’s to the 1960’s and were top secret until today. The CIA has always rejected having data on aliens nevertheless, it has always organized panels to explore the nature of ufos. Even these alleged ‘X-Files’ don’t appear to give any concrete proof of their existence. Therefore, the CIA hasn’t specifically stated aliens don’t exist, implying that maybe they still have some secrets to reveal. Whatever the CIA may well fully understand, a former Russian President demands the truth.


Former President Medvedev promises to know about the existence of aliens. Not only that, but he made a statement to the U.S. claiming if they do not explain to the world what they know, Russia will. It could very well be that this is as just a bit of propaganda fun between the two leaders but for the sake of disagreement, let’s say the former President is in fact telling the truth. This suggests that Russia has kept their UFO encounters well documented over the yeas. Having said that, what would Russia gain from pressuring the west into telling the truth?


Former President Medvedev could be joking about spilling the beans on UFO’s, but if it’s true, this could be the Russian’s very best weapon against the U.S. in years. It’s as if the U.S. has done something wrong as a child. Instead of coming clean to their parents, an evil friend tells on them first, thus getting them into much more trouble than if they just told the truth in the first place. Guaranteed, a unusual analogy but the point is if the U.S has known about UFO’s all these years and the Russian’s are the one’s to tell the world, out of the blue, Russia will be in a place of power. It’s long been believed the U.S government has been lying to its citizens about alien life, but with real evidence, it definitely won’t help their popularity.

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