Think It’s Preposterous Better Think Again Obama Will Purchase 30,000 Guillotines Before Leaving The Oval Office

Written by JayWill7497


The utilization of guillotines for “governmental purposes” was lobbied for and approved in the United States Congress.

Fifteen thousand guillotines are located in Georgia and 15,000 in Montana.

Are the be-headings by Muslims nowadays intended to condition and desensitize us towards the United States Government be-headings in the future?

Imagine it.

So why is there rumors that the United States Government need to have 30,000 Guillotines along with over 600,000,000 units of ineffective issued bullets?

Many are beginning to believe that the guillotines are said to be used to fight against the Muslims who are planning to behead citizens of the United States.

We know about the coming of the New World Order and that Obama could defiantly be the “Antichrist”

Ok, so you be the judge on this.

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