Presidential Transition 2017

Clinton: Women’s Rights Across U.S. Are Under Attack


Countless people in the liberal media were definitely deliriously happy this past Tuesday evening.

This happened when Hillary was the very first woman to seize the presidential nomination for the Democrat Party .

The balls to the wall coverage that implemented her “victory speech” made it seem as if the mainstream media carefully synchronized with Hillary’s press team to guarantee that the US citizens could not neglect the pro women discussing details centering on her gender and the presidency.

Hillary bantered at one point saying,“We are all standing under a glass ceiling right now,” “But don’t worry, we’re not smashing this one.”

It was like observing a National Organization for Women rally.

As a mother of a daughter, I wish I can get enthusiastic about her historical moment.

Nonetheless she is an extremely rotten illustration and the inappropriate messenger for women searching for empowerment and considerably better lives in regard to themselves as well as their families.

Alternatively, Hillary is the apex of the Democratic organization, a career politician inaccessible with the issues of American women.

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