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Mysterious Ancient Greek ‘Computer’ Was Celestial Guide For Philosophers (PHOTOS)

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A century after its discovery in an ancient shipwreck, a group of researchers presented the function of the mysterious ‘Antikythera Mechanism’ at the Aikaterini Laskaridis Foundation library in Athens, Thursday.

It was revealed that a breakthrough had been found in the study of the Hellenistic clockwork device, which was found at the bottom of the Aegean Sea in 1900, with researchers concluding that it was designed for philosophers to peer into the future.


SOT, Panagiotis Laskarides, President of Foundation Catherine Laskarides (Greek): “It is the most important shipwreck ever found. I don’t know any other shipwreck in any other place of the world which had so many treasures, in terms of artistic side as well as in terms of scientific side.”

SOT, Xenophon Mousas, Space Physics professor at the University of Athens (Greek): “They are the laws of science that he knew the person who created it, in order to predict the steps of the moon, and 223 months under that, in order to find the eclipses, the months with eclipses, as this sign is telling us, which we have elaborated very well, with the necessary mathematics and physics, as I have said.”

SOT, Xenophon Mousas, Space Physics professor at the University of Athens (Greek): “As Proklos is describing very well, who is talking about these kind of devices, like the mechanism, he names them, ‘pinakes’ and ‘pinakidia’ which means tablet (computers). So this is the oldest tablet (computer) from all the sides that we are studying, ladies and gentlemen.”

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