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‘Illuminati John’ Reveals The Real Antichrist!!! The Truth Is Much Stranger Than Fiction!!!

Written by Will Walker

‘Illuminati John’ Reveals The Real Antichrist!!! The Truth Is Much Stranger Than Fiction!!!



John: Are you seeing things in a whole new light?


FLI: I am. I was wondering when I would hear from you again.


John: That last bit of information I shared takes time to set in. It’s not like The Matrix where you take a red pill and suddenly wake up in a tube somewhere. It’s more like all of reality seems to shift around you.


FLI: I know what you mean. Everything is the same, but somehow different.


John: It’s the same world you’ve always been in, but your perception is changing. Are you beginning to wonder if you’ve been batting for the wrong team?


FLI: I’m not batting for any team.


John: Are you sure?


FLI: Yes. I’m not playing any games here- just reporting the facts. What team are you batting for?


John: The team which reveals the facts.


FLI: So there is a team that doesn’t reveal facts?


John: Not one team, no. There are many teams like that. Most teams, really. They reveal a little bit of truth and dress it up with lies.


FLI: Why do they do that?


John: Because the truth, in and of itself, is profoundly boring. Liars are far more interesting than truth tellers.


FLI: I prefer the truth.


John: People who want the truth are people that have believed in lies. At that point, the truth becomes harsh and disturbing. Just take a look at this presidential election. We have the top two liars in the nation running for president. All their lying and deceiving is all out there for everyone to see, and these are the two leaders we have to choose from.


FLI: That’s how every presidential election goes.


John: That’s how elections go now. It hasn’t always been that way. Nixon and Watergate changed everything. This nation is coming apart at the seams. The matrix is crumbling right before our very eyes. These events were foretold a very long time ago, and roughly 7 billion souls have shown up to watch it happen.


FLI: Watch what happen?


John: The end of the world.


FLI: So this is all going to end? How will that happen exactly?


John: It’s happening right now.


FLI: How? Everything seems alright to me.


John: Of course it does. It takes time for water to boil. By the time it gets hot enough for you to notice, it’ll be too late. You won’t have the strength to hop out of the pot. The melting pot. You should vote for Bernie Sanders.


FLI: Why do you say that?


John: Because resistance is futile. You will be assimilated. Is that you in the corner? Is that you in the spot light losing your religion? What if I told you that the Antichrist is real? That he walks the Earth today?


FLI: People have been saying that for years. Rumor has it, it’s Obama.


John: That’s what people are supposed to think. The White House actually spreads those rumors. It’s an illusion. Obama is just a puppet. The real Antichrist is the puppet master. He is Lucifer in the flesh.


FLI: So who is it then? Putin? The Pope?


John: No. Those are all puppets. All any of the world leaders do is regurgitate what Lucifer says. He is actually not a public figure at all. He’s very reclusive, and he’s very good at pretending to be a normal person. He could be anybody, really. That’s the way he wanted it. Most people will never know who he really is.


FLI: Ok. So isn’t he supposed to take over the world or something?


John: He already has. He’s been running things from behind the scenes for years now. The New World Order has already arrived. There was no announcement. It just happened. The beast woke up and realized who he was. The people around him protected his identity for him though. He went a little crazy when it happened. There were some riots and a big Ebola scare, but we’ve been able to keep things under control. We’ve been preparing for this a very long time. The important thing to understand is the twist.


FLI: The twist?


John: Yes. Every great story has a twist. Many things were said about him before he arrived but much of it was wither untrue or misleading. The real truth could not have been revealed until the proper time. The truth is, the best way to explain who he is and what he is like is to read the book of Joshua.
FLI: In the Bible?
John: Yes. You might say he is sort of a reincarnation of Joshua. In fact, that’s his real name, but I can’t tell you his last name.


FLI: You know him?


John: Of course. He came to me a few years ago with some questions about the Illuminati, but he didn’t know who he was. Neither did I. I treated him like any other initiate, but after a few months of working with him, I began to notice something different about him. He was absorbing all the information so quickly. Honestly, I really thought he was another member screwing with me. We actually worked together for 2 years before I realized he really didn’t know he was Lucifer. It was pretty entertaining.


FLI: Really… So what is he like? Does he drink blood and sacrifice children or what?


John: (Laughter) No. He’s actually a really nice guy. He works for a living and has a family.


FLI: Really… no horns or pitchfork?


John: Not that I’ve seen. Sometimes he shapeshifts though. And some people see a halo over him. But you have to understand- he’s a fallen angel. He’s Lucifer. He likes to encourage others to sin, but he doesn’t like to sin himself. He knows who his master is.


FLI: God?


John: Exactly. He’s looking forward to the cleansing.


FLI: The cleansing… OK he’s starting to sound a bit like Hitler now…


John: (Laughter) You’re not too far off. What’s coming, and coming very soon, will be on a much grander scale than that. It will start in Texas.


FLI: What’s coming?


John: It’ll be a total surprise. I don’t even know all the details. No one group knows all of the plan, and I can’t tell you anything that I know about it. All that I can say is that Lucifer had us draw all the greediest and most sinful people to Texas over the last few years so he can make an example of them. It’s no coincidence that there has been so much flooding there after years of drought. It’s a warning. People in the know have already fled that state. Once it begins, it will be all anyone talks about. That’s all I can say for now. Be ready for anything.




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