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And To Think!: It’s The World Shadow Government Seeking To Destroy The World

Written by JayWill7497


Why does the World Shadow Government, WSG, is destroy here own home ( other wise known is our planet)?

These men and women reside here, function in the same exact world, and participate on the exact same dirt as the rest of us?!

What about this?

They drink the exact same water, consume the same food, inhale and exhale the same air?

Seriously, the leaders of the World Shadow Government currently have ruined “their own nest” in ways that are eternally fatal and even irreversible. This looks absolutely insane, does’t it?

That just is simply because it is! Having said that, the question still remains…….

Why? … WHY? … WHY?!

If there was ever a $64,000 question, this unquestionably is it…..

So why will the powers that be eliminate their own planet, damage their own living surroundings ,indulge their own extends of beautiful and immaculate beaches, in addition scar all their mountaintop enclaves. People question, does acid rain prevent their concealed mason? What about oil spills, why do they make that the spills don’t wash up on their “private shorelines”? Do the diverse route of dissipation of radioactivity easily discriminate in their favor?

Why do individuals who populate the summit of the New World Order pecking order engage in an goal of unremitting planetary destruction?

There are 3 major reasons why the WSG has authorized the unmitigated and continuous destruction of the planetary environment.

They are the root overarching facts, which simply can not be squashed.

1. End-Time Madness prevails around the world during the end of the every age of the demon Kali.

2. The Kali Yuga is always known for a proliferation of mind-altering drugs and chemicals, coupled with genetic mutation and years of inbreeding among the ruling families.

3.The end days of the demean are always defined by societal degeneration, environmental destruction and a technosphereic breakdown.

How can those 3 statements explain the heretofore stated fact of life on Planet Earth in 2016? That people who stay at the peak of “worldly power” have plainly allowed, plus even prompted the organized abomination of the entire Earth’s Realm.


In an article about WSW the Cosmic Convergence notes:

Environmental Chaos:
BP Gulf oil spill 2010, Chinese oil spills 2010 & 2011, Nigeria oil spill 2011, North Sea oil spill 2011, New Zealand oil spill 2012, Brazil oil spill 2012, Fukuyama nuclear disaster, Chernobyl, Three Mile Island, Alberta tar sands, USA nationwide fracking

Wars of Aggression:
Iraq War, Afghanistan War, Syrian civil war, Libyan war, Lebanon War, Palestinian battles, Undeclared war on Pakistan, Colombian drug wars, Threats against Iran, Mexican drug wars, War in Darfur, Attacks on Somalia, Drone attacks in Yemen

State-sponsored Terrorism:
9/11 bombings of NYC, DC & PA; Moscow thereat siege-2002; Beslan school attack 2004; 3/11 Madrid train bombings; 7/7 London bombings, 2005 Bali bombings, 2008 Mumbai attacks; 2009 Jakarta bombings; 2011 Norway attacks.


Ultimately, the people, specifically the leaders, turn out to be so bombarded with chemical exposures that their capability to react to life and its complications results in being short-circuited. There are three incredibly substantial and unique developments that will take place in the progression of societal devolution. Each of these unavoidable outcomes implements specifically to individuals who staff the World Shadow Government.

They are:

• The potential to implement the skills of reason commences to leave humankind.

• Common sense results in being quite rare and a thing of the past.

• Incongruity and arbitrariness begin to rule the day everywhere. All the time.

As these 3 societal phenomena come to be increased, the marque of their occurrence can seldomly be ignored. Especially when people are consequently effortlessly influenced.


Yet, how does this connect to the World Shadow Government simply being obsessed on eradicating Planet Earth? Hmm, they do have entry to all the information/data that TONS of money can buy. These people control the observatories and laboratories likewise. Every single university and research institution functions under their balanchine together with the exception of a very few. Consequently, they possess entry to a huge amount of scientific data and authentic information that shows the true condition of the planet, and the solar system.

As an illustration, they apprehend precisely where Planet Earth stands relative to swiftly accelerating Global Climate Change. In addition, know all about the ‘never seen before” alterations within the earth’s core. TPTB are mindful of the numerous resultant astrological alignments which in turn have been stacking up. As well as, what form of societal cataclysms to anticipate. They’re completely aware of the power of the internet and how it has awakened quite a few to their (TPTB) multi-millennial agenda.

Well, here is their MO heading forward:

It centers around 1 quite realistic matter where it concerns their “running” of the world. The World Shadow Government
search to create their own type of order out of chaos. Which isin return, all they have ever accomplished for 1000’s of years. Let’s not forget, as we talked about earlier, they are rather skillful at doing the very same thing over and over with disastrous results ,aka insanity.

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Here is a question For you:

If you were definitely the “top boss” and knew every little thing that they know, will you use the worldwide media to educate the public about the true state of affairs?

Feel free to leave a comment. We would like to know what you think.

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