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WWIII Alert! U.S.-Led NATO War Games Anger Russia

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NATO and its allies are conducting the largest military training exercises in 10 years ahead of a NATO summit to be held in Warsaw, Poland in July. The NATO war games termed ‘Anakonda 2016‘ has added to continued tensions between Russia and the U.S. led NATO.

Anakonda 2016‘ will perform for 10 days in June across Parts of Eastern Europe and the Baltic states. The exercises will consist of 24 NATO and partner nations which includes the U.S., UK Germany, Canada, Spain, Sweden and Turkey. This week a U.S. warship came into the Black sea as part of the exercises, much to Russia’s annoyance.

“American warships do enter the Black Sea now and then. Certainly, this does not meet with (Russia’s) approval and will undoubtedly lead to planning response measures,” the head of the Russian Foreign Ministry’s European Cooperation Department, was quoted by RT.

The Russian Foreign Ministry included that a U.S. aircraft carrier was a obvious effort to show force ahead of the NATO summit. The Warsaw NATO summit is expected to consent more troops be stationed across Eastern Europe.

Since the Ukraine Crisis and Crimea reunification in 2014, NATO broke off ties with Russia. The U.S. has had more of a presence in the area in an effort to reassure its allies in Eastern Europe as well as to discourage Russia.

In May, Russia termed a U.S. missile defense site in Romania a security threat. The U.S. explained the US$800 million shield will help defend europe from attacks.

Anakonda 2016‘ will “train, exercise and integrate the Polish national command and force structures into an allied, joint multinational environment”, the U.S. Army stated reported by Al-Jazeera.

Anakonda 2016‘ is the largest military training exercise in Eastern Europe since the Cold War. More than 30,000 troops will be participating in the exercises.

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