When The Elite Rule How Will We Manage A Lower Standard of Living?

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The public does not comprehend economics, don’t want to fully understand economics and they are going to pay profoundly for that ignorance


Doug Casey is convinced we are in the direction of what he inquiries a super depression produced by the conclusion of a debt super cycle. The larger the debt cycle the greater the depression that follows. That is how reality works and a lot of people aren’t ready for reality.

When this depression, which in turn has undoubtedly started, obtains momentum, it is going to overpower the plans of a modern society that is planning to receive things like social security, pensions and payouts from retirement plans. That they paid into for several years. Each one of those elements will vanish practically overnight and leave society gasping for air and bewildered over what to do. Everyone’s responses are going to be to holler and howl and try to determine who is at fault however the only human being they ought to blame is the person, “man in the mirror.”

A lot of astute individuals have increased the alarm and carried out their finest to warn the sleeping public. Nonetheless, all those slumbering people has disregarded the warnings and reach the person’s snooze button once more. The public does not comprehend economics, don’t want to fully understand economics and they are going to pay profoundly for that ignorance in the coming days.

When the true unemployment rate turns into common knowledge as it increases drastically, people is going to be left to survive on the resources they have saved up outside the banking system that can’t be taken by the politicians and bankers. This is a key point here. The assets you currently have outside the system that can’t be taken from you using a few key strokes on some computer.

The one’s wishing for some tremendous event that will send the United States return to the days of production may and jobs regarding all will in no way see it happen. The west line theory shows us that our economy will slow down and also become far more humble as the “shipping center of the world” moves west to the future “powerhouse region” which is Asia. This is what history teaches us.

As soon as men and women out of the blue wake up one morning and they have no job, their retirement is gone, and need to care for their family, what will people do as soon as government services has flattened and people abruptly comprehend they are now existing in a 3rd world country with few government services? When the banks shut down and merely a select few linked people have any kind of funds or access to goods… Again, what will they do?

This is certainly the reality in which many men and women will face in the future. They have NO IDEA how bad it will get. The millennium kids,basically people in today’s society ultimately refuse to ponder the unpleasant reality that we will be living in Or even take steps to minimize the effects. To think, to do so will be to acknowledge it happening. As well as , take personal responsibility. “Personal Responsibility” is a filthy phrase within today’s entitlement society. To observe some of the effects, a person only has to glance at the collapse of society in Venezuela to see what waits.

When that happens it will virtually all future “powerhouse region” which is Asia to take responsibility for your family as well as take care of themselves for the duration. To do that we need to strategies now for that and build up resources we will require to provide food, shelter, clothing and security. When the system falls flat to do it for us. We have to become Noah on his ark. Certainly not the men and women watching as the Ark floats away.

Obtaining resources stored up is a “must” however it might not get us right through if the predicament lasts for several years. This is why we need some form of plan. To upgrade those resources as time moves forewords and incorporate some way to create some form of income, or at least merchandise to trade. Functional merchandise will be for the brief term. Things like gold ,silver and production equipment are for the long time period to help us get through the crisis with at the the amount of agony.


Perhaps with suitable planning the days ahead won’t be simple and easy as the standard of living of society falls significantly to levels solely seen in failed Third World Countries or ancient pictures. The resources essentially owned by individuals today is extremely small in comparison to exactly how they live. The individuals will default on their home loan, their car loan, and their credit card debt, causing them along with very few genuine possessions and a handful of ways to shift what they have left. Even if they have a place to go.

Eventually these people will grow to be the new panting to the wealthy class in which will acquire possession of everything of value.

Feudalism will rule again rule!

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