What The FBI Knows….(Orlando Mass Shooting) Yet What Does Obama Have To Do With It?

The president also said the attack seems similar to last year’s shootings in San Bernardino


Today. FBI Director James Comey said that the gunman in the FBI Director James Comey that killed 49 people had “strong indications of radicalization.” Comey also said that the alleged shooter, Omar Mateen, was likely inspired by foreign terrorist organizations.

Comey told reporters today that Mateen spoke with a 911 operator three times early Sunday morning. Mateen pledged  loyalty to the head of the Islamic State group on his last call.

The Orlando Nightclub shooting leaves over 50 dead. Islamic State news affiliate states Omar Mateen is a Islamic State Fighter and has accepted responsibility for the terror attack.

Omar Mateen was on the FBI Terror watch list, but had not been determined an immediate threat until today.

Mateen’s social media accounts are being scrubbed now. New details are expected to unfold daily over the next several weeks.

Now Obama, has many  concerns that Pulse nightclub shooter The first one is: Omar Mateen was part of a larger terrorist plot. However this morning, President Barack Obama said there is NO CLEAR EVIDENCE to support this.

He said it seems the shooter was inspired by extremist information distributed over the internet.

He stated the investigation is in the early stages and is being treated as a terrorism investigation. The president also said the attack seems similar to last year’s shootings in San Bernardino, California.

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Nonetheless, rumors are now going around that President Obama took part in the Orlando massacre.

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