Hillary Reacts To Orlando Terror Attack In A Most Bizarre Fashion

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Hillary Clinton is mentally unsound. After the 2nd most horrendous supposed terror attack in the United States in 15 years, the dingbat, who wants to become president, is calling for gun control. She called this radical Islamic terror attack an act of “hate” and fell for it, lock, stock and barrel as did the negro earlier in his press conference.

Obama called the Orlando Islamic terrorist and other terrorists hate-filled and would not talk about radical Islam during his Sunday press conference. He did point out we had to do something about guns because there is easy accessibility to them.

“This massacre is a further reminder of how easy it is to get their hands on a weapon to shoot people in a school, or a house of worship, or a movie theater or a nightclub,” he stated during comments early Sunday afternoon at the White House.

He explained the U.S. has to choose if that is the country we want to be, and to “actively do nothing is a decision as well.”
Obama proclaimed the overnight shooting “an act of terror and an act of hate,” but did not characterize the attack as Islamist terrorism.

Most would mention we would enjoy an administration that combats terrorism and calls it what it is.

The terrorist in Orlando got his guns legally, in spite of an FBI background check and even though the FBI investigated him on 3 separate circumstances.

What law would have prevented him?

Hillary reverberated his remarks in a written statement, also not talking about Islam but denunciating guns. She lamented “other violent criminals.”

In actuality, the LGBTs ought to arm themselves. As a matter of fact, all Americans ought to arm themselves because this administration and Hillary Clinton will not protect us. She won’t even use the term, radical Islam, and has assured to never use the term.

The heterosexual Americans are LGBTs’ friends as are Republicans. The radical Islamists hate, honestly HATE, LGBTs and want them dead. Sharia demands they be killed. They are the Nazis of the day and Christians, LGBTs, Jews are the Jews of 1939.

Donald Trump responded and the solution to his question is there is no hope with these leftists.

Meanwhile, Hillary is carrying on in opposition to guns, ignorant to the threat we face. She retweeted this:

As Dr. Gorka stated, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton have tricked the American people.

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