War And Conflict

Obama And His Administration Prepares America For An Onslaught Of Jihad’s Army

The Obama Government Plans To Have The Jihad Army Invade America


Alex Jones begins an authentic new cast conveying evolutionary jihadist to Western Countries to help assault and remove liberties from serene legislation endured citizens.

This is to assault and deprive liberties from nonviolent law intransigent citizens.

Compared to reproducing black widows and releasing them free beneath a bed of your own enemy.

Are you fully ready?

It is the most crustal preparation you can certainly do.

The Holly Bible tells all of us that each and every human being has ‘sinned and fallen short of the glory of God’.

Of which, is a heart penetrating truth.

God has presented a way to purify people of our own sins given that we can’t ever be good enough to purify themselves.

That pathway to “his grace, mercy and forgiveness.”

The cleansing of our sins is through the son he created,Jesus Christ of Nazareth.

Whom is every bit as God.

Definitely not anyone of us are warranted a “tomorrow”.

Did your time run out??

Can you carry on ignoring the promptings of God, the Holy Spirit, or perhaps you have risen to the fundamental need for God.

That will taking a chance on eternal doom?

God, the Holy Father, God the Holy Son, and God the Holy Spirit are actually one God.

His preferences is for everyone to be forgiven, saved and to live forever with him.

It has been said that he is our “only real protection” and God’s love for you is predetermined.

Several people believe you can not take your salvation for a ‘test drive’.

It is you, our own individual and beliefs to whom or what you believe in.

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I ask, let’s not take everything the Obama administration says, wants to do, or even does do?

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