Global Sightings! Creepy UFO Over Denver Mystifies Onlookers & More!

Written by JayWill7497


Thanks to secureteam10 for sharing. (video at end of post) Folks are awakening. They have no other alternative. The truth is currently in our collective face whether we want to observe it or not.

I didn’t immediately take a look at this video because I was skeptical-after all, how do any of us know what a UFO looks like?-but even I am captivated by this fascinating capture and I don’t understand how else one would describe it.

Very strange and “unnatural” things carry on and unfold in our skies and we can no more reject that we don’t live in a vacuum on this planet. There are things that nobody is officially clearing up to us, hoping we won’t realize. One must and ask oneself, “Why?”.

It seems that the establishment is not in charge of everything that occurs on Starship Earth. If the extraterrestrials/secret space program people can open up extra-dimensional portals anywhere they please, how can the government possibly control it? They can not.

When you check out the inventory of almost daily records on YouTube of unexplained incidences, it’s undeniable, across the globe; odd light displays, cities in the sky, unidentified creatures, UFOs, grotesque sounds emanating from above, clouds that aren’t really clouds, disappearing planes, humanoids flying through the air, earthquakes everywhere, “fireballs” streaking through the sky and exploding, long-dormant volcanoes erupting and UFOs flying right into them… blinking lights in the sky that aren’t airplanes, the list goes on.

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