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U.S. Economy May Depend on The Brexit Referendum


The British will vote next week Brexit Could rock United States stocks.

I believe it can create dangers to United Sates markets according to Dean Maki.

Who is the Chief Economist at Point72 Asset Management.

The Foundation is in Stamford, Connecticut polls.

The Market Watch Notes:

What will the referendum question be?

The wording is:

“Should the United Kingdom remain a member of the European Union or leave the European Union?”



Dean Maki said, that there are 2 options for voters: “Remain a member of the European Union” or “Leave the European Union.”

He suggested that Britain’s citizens in support of a Brexit offsets individuals will keep their seat in the, E.U., European Union.

The referendum will be held Thursday, 6/23/16.

Chair Janet Yellen of the Federal  Reserve spoke in a press conference last Wednesday released the Federal Reserve’s June policy statement.

She explained that the Brexit vote plays a role in its choice not to raise interest rates.

In addition she mentioned, if Britain leaves the E.U. there is going to be repercussions for the outlook of the United States economy.

Mr. Maki states, “I don’t think Brexit would cause a U.S. recession. I think if the markets go into a swoon as a result of a positive vote to leave, that could affect the Fed’s July rate hike decision.”

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