Nazi News Media Finally Confesses! Mass Banker ‘Suicides’ Were Probably A Huge Criminal Conspiracy!

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Crazy rumors is currently starting to look like a vast criminal conspiracy linked to the Libor, interest-rigging scandal.



New York, NY – In 2015 there was a well-known “conspiracy theory” flying around the internet after a break out of unexplained “suicides” by high profile banking professions. What once appeared like crazy rumors is currently starting to look like a vast criminal conspiracy linked to the Libor, interest-rigging scandal.

Over 40 international bankers purportedly wiped out themselves over a two-year period in the aftermath of a leading international scandal that implicated financial firms across the planet. Nevertheless, 3 of these apparently unrelated suicides appear to share common threads associated to their connections to Deutsche Bank. These 3 banker suicides, in New York, London, and Siena, Italy, took place within 17 months of each other in 2013/14 in what investigators labeled as a series of unrelated suicides.


“In each case, the victim had a connection to a burgeoning global banking scandal, leaving more questions than answers as to the circumstances surrounding their deaths,” according to the New York Post. “But all three men worked for, or did business with, Deutsche Bank.”

Financial regulators both in Europe and the U.S. in 2013 started a probe that would inevitably become recognized as the Libor scandal, in which London bankers conspired to rig the London Interbank Offered Rate, which establishes the interest banks charged on mortgages, personal and auto loans. The scandal shook up the financial world and cost a range of international banks, which includes Deutsche Bank, about $20 billion in fines.


David Rossi, a 51-year-old communications director at the world’s oldest bank, Italian Monte dei Paschi di Siena, which had been on the edge of collapse because of heavy losses in the derivatives market in the 2008 financial crisis, dropped to his death on March 6, 2013. At the moment of his death, Monte Paschi was being looked into for its managing of billions in these risky derivative bets involved with Deutsche Bank and Merrill Lynch.

As outlined by a report in the NY Post:


A devastating security video shows Rossi landing on the pavement on his back, facing the building — an odd position more likely to occur when a body is pushed from a window.

The footage shows the three-story fall didn’t kill Rossi instantly. For almost 20 minutes, the banker lay on the dimly lit cobblestones, occasionally moving an arm and leg.

As he lay dying, two murky figures appear. Two men appear and one walks over to gaze at the banker. He offers no aid or comfort and doesn’t call for help before turning around and calmly walking out of the alley.

About an hour later, a co-worker discovered Rossi’s body. The arms were bruised and he sustained a head wound that, according to the local medical examiner’s report, suggested there might have been a struggle prior to his fall.


In due course Italian authorities ruled Rossi’s death a suicide. Rossi’s widow, Antonella Tognazzi, protested intensely at the idea her husband’s death was a suicide, informing the Italian press that her husband “knew too much.” Tognazzi directed to the apparent suicide note from Rossi as a primary illustration of the suspicious nature of his death. In the note, Rossi identifies Antonella Tognazzi as Toni, but based on Tognazzi, that was not something he ever called her.


In October 2014, 2 Monte Paschi executives were found guilty of obstructing regulators and deceiving investigators by Italian authorities over the bailed-out Italian bank’s finances in the wake of the purchase of Banca Antonveneta – which was intensely financed by Deutsche Bank.

In January of 2016, Italian authorities civilly implicated 3 Deutsche Bank executives, which includes Michele Faissola, the wealth management director of the German bank – accusing them with colluding with Monte Paschi in falsifying accounts, modifying the market and obstructing justice.



Another of the mysterious deaths currently being revisited is that of William Broeksmit, 58, a Deutsche Bank exec was discovered hanging from a dog leash tied to a door at his London residence in January 2014. Broeksmit was discovered among a clutter of financial papers, with a number of notes to friends and family close by. A Deutsche Bank coworker, Michele Faissola, was called and showed up moments later and started suspiciously probing the financial documents and examining the suicide notes.


“Yes, he killed himself,” stepson Val Broeksmit told the NY Post. “But there’s a question: could it be suicide by extortion, could it be suicide by pressure or saying if you don’t do this, we’re going to do this? There’s a couple suspicions I have.”

Broeksmit’s stepson still wonders what his father’s coworker was hunting for amongst the clutter of financial documents. Contributing to the suspicious nature of his stepfather’s death, Val supplied the NY Post email messages exposing that just before his death, Broeksmit had just messaged friends about his enthusiasm for an upcoming ski vacation scheduled for one week after.

Despite the fact that a clinical psychologist exposed Broeksmit had been treated because of being “very anxious about authorities investigating areas of the bank at which he worked,” his depression over the Libor scandal had subsided, as his doctor provided him a clean bill of health only a month prior to his death.

Based on the report by the NY Post:


A month before his death, William Broeksmit wrote — in what his son says shows his anger — to fellow executives, asking why he should take the lead on the sticky matter of the upcoming Federal Reserve-mandated stress test for the bank.

He also questioned the “generous” loan-loss numbers being used by the bank, afraid that federal regulators would see the bank was losing more on loans than the books showed. Large losses could lead the feds to slap the bank with restrictions.

“Who is recommending that I do this? I am supposed to be an independent director and this puts me further into a role aligned with management,” he wrote.


New York City attorney, Calogero “Charles” Gambino, 41, had been a married father of 2, and Deutsche Bank’s in-house lawyer for 11 years at the bank’s downtown hq. Gambino mainly labored on defending the Deutsch Bank versus Libor charges and other regulatory probes.

In October 2014, Gambino’s was discovered hanging from an upstairs balcony of his Brooklyn residence, with a rope that was snaked through the banister and tied off on the newel post on the first floor. There was no note discovered and the family has steadfastly rejected to comment on his death.

In his work as corporate counsel for Deutsche, Gambino had ventures with many of the bank’s European executives – which includes Michele Faissola and William Broeksmit and had personal understanding of the inner workings of the bank’s operations. Gambino’s death was ruled a suicide.

In the cases of Gambino, Rossi and Broeksmit, authorities apparently never searched for, nor found, the obvious connections that expose a deadly international criminal conspiracy at work.

Nevertheless, authorities in Siena, Italy have lately exhumed the body of banker David Rossi, 51, and reopened their investigation into his death. They are likely to release their findings at the end of the month.

The common thread in each of these deaths is that all of the dead bankers had personal awareness of the international Libor scandal as it linked to Deutsche Bank. It appears obvious that these men were murdered to guarantee their silence, therefore permitting those accountable for the interest rigging scandal within Deutsche to steer clear of responsibility.


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