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WWIII Update: Russia To Counter NATO Buildup In Eastern Europe

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Russia vows response to NATO military drills in Poland


The deputy head of the State Duma Committee for Defense has termed NATO plans to deploy additional forces to Baltic countries and Poland “an unfriendly step,” incorporating that Russia would respond with more military exercises utilizing its most advanced weaponry.

“This increase of the military bloc is definitely an unfriendly step on NATO’s part. It really poses a threat to the Russian Federation,” MP Andrey Krasov (United Russia) was cited as saying on Tuesday by Interfax.

“We must react to this by holding military exercises and by supplying our military forces with the most advanced weapons and other hardware,” he included.

The report came as a response to the words of NATO’s Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg, who reported on Monday that the bloc had options to deploy 4 multi-national battalions in the Baltic countries and Poland. NATO commanders detailed the move as a response to Russia’s purportedly increased military activity near Ukraine and in the Baltic Sea region.

President Vladimir Putin’s press secretary Dmitry Peskov explained to reporters on Tuesday that Russian military and special services are keeping an eye on NATO’s activities in the vicinity of Russia’s borders.

“Our Defense Ministry and all responsible services are duly watching all changes in the dislocation of foreign military forces near our borders. They analyze all changes and movements, and take measures to defend Russia’s interests and protect its security,” Peskov stated.

Additionally on Tuesday, Russian mass media noted that Putin had ordered a major inspection of combat readiness for command and control organizations and arsenals of the Russian Armed Forces across the country.

A week ago, NATO launched the Anaconda 2016 military exercise in Poland, which became the largest military maneuver in that country since Cold War times. NATO commanders maintain the alliance intended to test its capacity against an enemy more capable and better-trained than the rebel groupings which the U.S. and its allies have fought in Iraq and Afghanistan, and mass media and politicians interpreted this as a clear hint at Russia.

To this, Russian Envoy to NATO Aleksandr Grushko replied that any allegations of Russia’s planned attacks on its western neighbors were ridiculous. He included that it was very dangerous for NATO to begin carrying out plans according to these false presumptions.

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