Derivatives Expert Alerts Globalists Ready to SHUT DOWN Complete Financial System!

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The globalists appear to be running short of time based on derivatives expert Rob Kirby, as he is cautioning the algorithms that run the financial system might be turned off in the not too distant future.

When I state not too distant future I am talking about before the end of summer…banking-derivatives

The establishment, globalist, elite, 1%, 0.01% whichever you wish to call them they appear to be on a one-way ride straight into the abyss. The global financial systems and global economies all appear to be moving in the same direction at the same time – down the tubes. Obviously if you listen to the mainstream media they will be happy to tell you, over and over, about how wonderful everything is and how well you are doing. Just keep your eyes on the stock market and you too will understand they are being sincere and have your best interest at heart. Anyone with a brain understands nothing could be further from the truth.

Rob Kirby, who, in my view, has one of the best minds around sat down to talk about the state of our world. His work is second to none as he crunches the numbers, interacts with some of the wealthiest individuals to be discovered and Rob also interacts with governments. Rob has a full spectrum perspective of what is occurring in our financial and economic world.

It appeared like a good time to have Rob on to talk about the Exchange Stabilization Fund (ESF) because this off the balance sheet fund was making it’s way back into the picture. I just lately covered 2 parts of a 5 part video series that records the history of the ESF and precisely how evil is born and becomes component of our everyday society. The ESF offers the funding that enables evil to be delivered to your doorstep. I hope you do not believe me and do some serious research into this U.S. Treasury fund that is accountable to no one other than the Secretary of the Treasury. That’s correct, these funds are doled out at the sole discretion of the Secretary Treasurer and does not answer to Congress, the President or any other agency or governing body. This might be a good place to start your research – and by the way, Snoops is not regarded research. Part 1 – History of the ESF and Part 2 – The Birth of the IMF and World Bank. Rob has done considerable research on this fund and would be another good beginning point – click here for Rob’s website.

The goal was to have Rob supply us with an in-depth review of the history of the ESF and how it has penetrated our world. What came about was so much more. Mr. Kirby had some other concepts and wanted to get these thoughts on the table. We are all significantly better for him bringing his concepts to the table.

The globalists appear to be running short of time, as outlined by Mr. Kirby, as he is convinced the algorithms that run the financial system, might be turned off in the not too distant future. When I state not too distant future I am talking about before the end of summer.

The globalists, as mentioned in an interview carried out by SGT, have been getting together survival supplies for near to a year. You can listen to a alternative energy store owner spell it out – here.

Not only do we include how the globalist are running the economies into the ground, but we include a wide variety of other topics as well. Gold, Trump, the Presidential election and Brexit to give you an suggestion of the depth of this fifty minute interview. We entice you to listen all the way through as there is not a minute that is not power packed with Rob’s analysis and opinions.

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