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The Fall Of America Is Fast Approaching! Get Ready For Chaos Like Never Before!

Written by JayWill7497

And Just WHAT Are They Testing For?!?!


CHAOS 2.0!



The Jesuits where banned in 83 countries , so they had to come up with a plan to remain in power) The Bavarian Illuminati was born in 1776 , (Jesuit Adam Weishaupt was trained on Ingolstadt University which is a Jesuit institution) since then all These Papal Jews (Like The Rotschilds and Rockefellers) have gotten all the Important Positions (Knights of malta) , This is why most researchers end up Blaming the Jews in General OR only blame The Zionists while all these powerful Masonic Labour Zionists are Knighted into The Vatican Knighthoods and are all Catholic. Its The Jesuits that control it ALL. The Ptolemaic Papal Bloodlines give advice to the Jesuit generals and are more powerful then for example The English Queen who is part of the Black Venetian Nobility Bloodlines.

Here’s how we’re seeing the staged chaos unfold in America, little-by-little — courtesy the elite Zionists:

– Staged water crises via Flint
– More protests thanks to Soros
– More riots contributions to Trump
– More Orlandos, Sandy Hoaxes, and Jade Helms — in preparation for another 9/11
– Food shortages
– Power outages
– Sudden pandemics
– Upcoming economic collapse
– ATM Shutdown: Planned
– EBT Shutdown: Tested

Also, don’t be surprised when you all of a sudden start to see “Syrian refugees” and “illegal immigrants” break their way in, and wreak havoc in staged locations and areas. Not to mention the “threat” of “terror” — more fronts to take away your rights, steal your guns, and rid your already-little-to-no-freedoms!

All de-ZION-ed ahead of Time; a Test for the Big One.

And Just WHAT Are They Testing For?!?!

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