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21 New Conspiracy Theories You Likely Never Been Told Of

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New conspiracy theories appear all the time. 2016-06-21 18-05-37

Each year brand new conspiracy theories appear on the Internet. In most cases, the conspiracies are the new improved versions of older conspiracy theories. Topics can include aliens, politicians, deaths, missing persons and other tragic happenings.


As per Ranker, many of the 2016 conspiracy theories are original 2015 ones that just did not get the kind of mileage envisioned. They have been remade, remodeled, renovated and given new life. Some of these have been motivated by the U.S. Presidential race, an event that’s fraught with all kinds of conspiracy hitch.


Some of the 2015 conspiracy theories with regards to Obama revived for 2016 include things like:


-> President Obama’s intended plans to destroy America are being ramped up as his last year in office rushes to a close. His plan involves disarming Americans, turning control of the U.S. over to the UN (United Nations) and completing his Illuminati masters’ plans.

-> The UN plans to overtake the U.S. and deploy a world government. The Jade Helm military exercise was a precursor of what is to come.

-> Obama will enforce martial law to reclaim control of the country and stop the 2016 election maintaining his presidency by default.

Other revamped political conspiracy topic issues involve:


-> Acts of Terrorism are false flags staged for maximum fright effect.

-> Mass shootings will be staged for numerous political agendas, such as gun control.

-> Global Depopulation plans will be accelerated. Over half the population or more will be murdered through contaminated vaccines or an EMF attack that produces a warlike society.

-> U.S. will go to war with either Russia or China or both.

-> Global economic collapse is imminent.


Conspiracy Theories Prompted by U.S. Presidential Election

The conspiracy theories created by the 2016 U.S. Presidential election have no range. Some of the more notable ones include:


-> Donald Trump is a Democratic plant to stop Republicans from winning 2016 Presidential election.

-> ISIS is covertly funding Obama’s grasp to hold on to power.

-> Hillary Clinton

-> Republicans will “purposefully sabotage the economic recovery” in an effort to regain power.

-> Based on Conspiracy Club, 2016 will be the year that Americans realize that the U.S. Presidential election is rigged, pointing to the strange vote system for Wyoming and Colorado (1).

-> Recode detailed how pro-Bernie (Sanders) Facebook groups went offline in April 2016 and the conspiracy theories were widespread. Some claimed the groups were targeted as a filthy political move. Facebook verified that “A number of groups were inaccessible for a brief period of time.” Incorrectly employed automated policies were held accountable for the glitch (2).


Bernie Sanders
Other Common 2016 Conspiracy Theories


-> September 23, 2015 was the date for the End of the World, complete with the Antichrist. Since that date brick walled to be the right one, it was revised to occur on June 6, 2016.
And remarkably we’re all still he telling the story.

-> In April 2016, Conspiracy Club detailed how Larry Nichols (recognized for exposing Clinton scandals) shared information on the disastrous plans for the U.S. include a federal takeover, economic crisis, election fraud, a plan for enacting martial law and much more (3).

-> JonBenét’s murder was a hoax and she grew up to be Katy Perry (4).

-> The conspiracies associated with the death of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia were supported when he was discovered with a pillow over his face and no autopsy performeded (5).

-> Based on The Guardian, “12 million Americans believe alien lizards rule us.” (6)

-> Based on RawStory, radio host Alex Jones (7) is convinced that Michelle Obama is in fact transgender and when Joan Rivers discovered it, the First Lady had the comedienne murdered (8).

-> In May 2016, Matt Novak of Gizmodo published that he might have unearthed a new conspiracy theory associated with JFK’s assassination from the official White House projectionist’s (Paul Fischer) log book for the movies that the First Family viewed. “Little John Birthday Party” with the President and the First lady are listed as attending the viewing on November 39, 1963 (9).


New conspiracy theories appear all the time. Many are re-invented such as dates when things such as the end of the world are forecasted to keep the conspiracy fueled for sensationalism and basically to provoke unrest and fear. Some are so absurd that they are impossible to believe and others hold a touch of truth and make us stop and ponder for a moment. In the end, though, the facts and truth always win out.


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