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David Icke: Conspiracy To Marginalize And Criminalize “Conspiracy Theorists” Seriously?!

Written by JayWill7497

The controllers control everything. It is what they do.


I have thought all along the same thing David is expressing here. If all we are is paranoid conspiracy theorists, then why put so much energy into discrediting us? No brainer. But why did it take so long for folks to see through that? We understand why.

Ultimately more and more did, nevertheless, and when greater numbers of Humanity started to realize it was not just “theory”, that’s when the establishment started calling us extremists, terrorists, etc. and censoring us. That, too, is so blatant one would have to be oblivious not to see it.

They think about those who understand the truth and speak about it to be a threat. They are attempting to stamp out the sparks before the winds of change fan them to a wildfire that flattens them.

And they have the balls to suggest we’re terrorists because we speak about what the government is doing wrong, when it’s about outright treason, theft, lies, bribery, blackmail, obfuscation, distraction, manipulation, underhanded changing of laws, destruction of facts, controlling every aspect of our lives, MURDER… GENOCIDE… normally they’re going to point the finger back at us.


Sadly for them, threatening free speech has only led to more motivated and larger organizations unifying and finding approaches to make themselves heard. The one million French citizens who marched in Paris last week in the New French Revolution is testament to that. You didn’t learn about it? Are you shocked?

The controllers control everything. It is what they do. It is what they have ALWAYS done. They are just turning up the intensity now out of fear and desperation because they understand WE understand, and they are about to be exposed and excised from our reality.

Note: The video topic is stated to be Donald Trump, but that is a complete error and it is an outstanding dialogue from David.

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