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The Structured Framework Of An Illuminati Political Conspiracy!

Written by JayWill7497


When you’re building a crossword puzzle, it’s very easy to set up a difficult puzzle with next-to-impossible clues. It is also extremely hard to create a crossword puzzle that is easy to solve, fitting only well-known words into the grid. Conspiracy theories work essentially the same way-with a lot of careful work, you can develop a theory that might just be quick to swallow. It sounds completely mad but perhaps, just perhaps there really was a second shooter behind the grassy knoll. It would be totally bananas, but it is feasible that the NBA rigged the championship thanks to a blood-oath with LeBron. These are conspiracies, but there are enough fact surrounding them to give them the veneer of truth.

Since politics can get dull, let’s take a break from all the facts and figures for a second and have some fun developing our own conspiracy theory. But what type to choose?

When it pertains to current-day political conspiracies, no theory is more widespread or worse-explained than the Illuminati. In the event you’ve been residing under a rock, or are already brainwashed into sheeple by the Nazi News Media, the Illuminati were fundamentally members of a extremely nerdy book club in the 1770’s that continued for about ten years before being shut down.

To conspiracy theorists, the Illuminati is still in existence, and its members are yanking all of the world’s strings behind closed doors. They’re meeting face-to-face in top-secret locales and working out unimaginable influence over world leaders. They also leave interesting hints and clues for us to discover, because evidently they favor fun I-Spy games more than in fact staying secret.


Authentic footage from the moon landing, cut from transmit for suspicious purposes.

Therefore what does this have to do with the 2016 Presidential Election? I would explain it to you, but then I would have to eliminate you.

Just joshing. You likely have noticed thumbnails in your recommended videos section on YouTube featuring Hillary Clinton dressed up in demonic fashion, or maybe George W. Bush surrounded by pyramids, and been curious about where they come from. Basically, Americans who are irritated with our political system, or in all likelihood puzzled by it, concoct clandestine backdoor arguments for every major event in history, saying that it is all component of a grand scheme for “New World Order.” That’s quite simply a scary way of expressing a world government created to oppress all people.

Why should we let the crackpots have all the fun? Here is a step-by-step tutorial to making your own conspiracy, and getting one step closer to the “ultimate truth.”


Feel free to select something like a famous atrocity, or something like supposed voting discrepancies from North Dakota’s democratic caucus. Clarify that the explanation the general public may be fed is not only untrue, but reinforced by false-flag proof planted by someone significant, like the Koch brothers, or Oprah.


Clearly the BP oil spill and Vince Foster‘s death were both chosen in a boardroom by old men in suits. There is an underlying cause for every arbitrary, senseless event, and it is typically a stepping stone to the ultimate plan.


Possibly go for the standard “Kenyan Muslim President” path, or think of anything more interesting. If you require inspiration, I still trust this conspiracy site I discovered-I know the source is from 2 years ago-that states Clinton is “a 6th level Illuminati witch & sadistic Monarch slave handler.”

giphy (1)

A extraordinary view into the bunker underneath the White House where the real meetings take place.

So why do folks believe in these theories? Illuminati conspiracy theorists are ordinarily folks who find it frustrating to believe that either hard work or luck is adequate to launch someone to powerful positions. They take comfort in the concept that there is no hope shifting the status quo except if you have been pre-selected by the chosen few. In addition, by distinction of “knowing the truth,” you are more intelligent than all of your friends.

The most aggravating part of conspiracy theories like this is that it looks remarkable related to the real non-conspiracy world we dwell in today. The concept that a select few meet to talk about powerful changes to the world is already true, and it comes about all the time. Obviously Barack Obama, Angela Merkel, and Xi Jinping control what takes place around the world-that’s their job! Hillary Clinton is smart enough to orchestrate secret society cover-ups and rig a whole election, but evidently not smart enough to become as powerful and influential as she presently is by virtue of her own actions.

“Silly Season” is intended to only last a few weeks during the primaries, but given the tone of the 2016 General Election so far, silly season may be lengthened indefinitely. Why not amp up the chaos a little more, and present some really crazy s!$#? It is not sufficient to state Trump could be a plant by the Clinton family to guarantee a Democratic victory-make sure it is part of a world-wide conspiracy too.

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