9/11 And Ground Zero

9/11: Where The Towers Blown Up By Bombs?

What Exactly Blew Up The Twin Towers?


This is 1 of the world’s greatest conspiracy theories.

That the western world was engaged in conspiring, organizing, and even undertaking the 9/11 terror atrocities to present the reasons for the military attacks on the “so called” Shaft of Evil.

The Twin Towers were hit by planes nonetheless conspiracy theorists declare bombs took them down.

WTC7 was not hit by a plain that day.

Although several of the theories are peculiar, there is one historical perspective.

The towers wouldn’t have cave in in the manner they did.

This is if the towers were hit by airplanes.

Quite a few lay claim there should have been a “manipulated boom” at ground level.

In order for the Twin Towers to crash in on themselves as they did.

One particular crucial part of the conspiracy  theory debate is the collapse of a the 3rd tower, called Building 7, at the World Trade Center complex, numerous hours following the massive skyscrapers fell.

Right up until now, the hypothesis continues to be merely that along with restricted to the online forums of Conspiracy Theory Websites.

If the WTC destruction was powered by gravity, then it holds to reason that there could well be several large pieces of debris following the collapses.

This was not the case.

Floors structures will fall near free falls velocity if explosives eradicated the support of the buildings’ cores.

The final result of quarter mile high, 110 story buildings, colliding down effetely will be absolutely obliteration at ground level.

So I ask, is there any evidence of explosives in the buildings?

Yes indeed!


If you can strategies the most unfortunate case scenario high rise assignment, you had it on 9/11.

Let me not forget at that time there was a supplementary explosion, in all probability a device, possibly planted before or in the airplane that didn’t explode until an hour later.

Additionally shortly after 9 am Albert Turi the Chief of Safety for the NYFD, acquired word of the probability of a supplementary device.

In which there was yet another bomb going off.

Albert Turi attempted to get his people outside as swiftly as he could.

However he said at that time there was one more explosion that took place, and 1 hour after the first hit , he claimed there was another explosion.

Can you believe he perceives that there were in fact units that were planted in the building?

I can.


And then someone mentioned that they observed an airliner proceed into 1 of those towers.

Then another hour later all of us saw that big explosion from substantially, much lower.

I do not know what on earth caused that.

Nonetheless now, the University of Alaska is sponsoring a “full investigation” into claims that World Trade Center Building 7 had been taken down by a governed demolition throughout the 9/11 attacks.



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