Britain Votes To Exit The EU And Astoundingly David Cameron Resigns! What Happens Next? “BLACK FRIDAY”!

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Britain’s Prime Minister Cameron Preparing To Exit Amid EU Vote


Britain’s vote to leave the EU is being called Independence Day by some, a disaster by others, and is expected to send a title wave through US financial markets today.

Britain’s say they are tired of a government not listening to voters, and have spoken.

With US elections in November, congressmen and women should take notice.

In other breaking news, David Cameron said he will resign from office.

“The will of the British people is an instruction that must be delivered,” words delivered during a shocking resignation speech from British Prime Minister David Cameron who has promised to step down in the coming months amid the divisive referendum vote which has ended with the UK leaving the European Union after 43 years of intensifying economic, political and social ties.

The stunning result, by a margin of 52-48 percentage points, is reigning in a new era of populist anger that now challenges the institutional and mainstream elites in developed countries.

The spokeswoman for China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Hua Chunying, said China respects the path that the citizens of the UK have chosen for the country.

The United Kingdom voted Thursday for a British exit — or “Brexit” — from the European Union. What happens now is “a leap into the unknown,” according to a report on “Life After Brexit” by the London School of Economics.

Here’s what is most likely to happen next.

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