2016 According To Nostradamus: Current Events And Possible Futures As The Seer Saw

Written by Will Walker


2016 According To Nostradamus: Current Events And Possible Futures As The Seer Saw


Nostradamus (1503 -1566) was a doctor in 16th century France. In those days, astrology was a basic course in medical school, and beyond that, he studied ancient books containing occult knowledge as a hobby.


When taking breaks from healing the plague, he took hallucinogenic drugs and stared into a bowl of water. Like a crystal ball, he would peer into the future this way. As a result, Nostradamus is mostly known for his book Les Propheties (‘The Prophecies’.) He supposedly predicted Hitler’s rule, the French Revolution and 9/11, just to name a few.




The book first became well known for predicting the death of then reigning monarch, Henry II. Most astoundingly, it accurately described the accidental jousting death in great detail.


To pay our respects to this prophet of sorts, on the anniversary of his death on 2 July (The day the Declaration of Independence was signed), what follows are predictions he made which are quite relevant in 2016.




Obama Will be the Last President


Nostradamus had predicted Obama’s victory in the 2013 elections. He, however, also warned that Obama would be America’s “last president.”
That prophecy can be taken several ways. Perhaps there will be some great and unexpected tragedy which ‘forces’ Obama to declare martial law nationwide and remain dictator for life. Which may or may not be very long.


Or, it could mean that there will not be a functional government much longer. With Hillary and Trump vying for the White House, this a real possibility no matter which ‘wins.’


World War 3


Supposedly, we will see a 27- year long war between two major global powers, sparked off by some sort of ‘comet in the sky.’ Some refer to this object as ‘wormwood.’ A few even suggest this object will land in Greenland, thus melting its ice quite rapidly.
Regardless of what we see, this event, and the food shortages that quickly follow, will bring the whole world to madness thus descending all of mankind in, quite literally, the war to end all wars.




Middle East Will be Set on Fire


Nostradamus saw the Gulf states in the Middle East ablaze, and believed that several explosions will occur around the Middle East.
Many parts of the Middle East are already fighting in this war, and all sides are backed primarily by two global powers. The Arab Spring movement in nations including Egypt, Syria and Libya was all that was needed to provide the backdrop for this international chess game.
The Syrian refugee crisis is actually causing this war to spread across Europe as ISIS promises to keep pushing further west.
Many people believe, as the bible states, that it will be Damascus in ruins from an explosion like no other.


The Poles Will Melt


“Water shall be seen to rise as the ground is seen to fall underneath.”
Climate Change has set in so gradually that few seem to notice it anymore. Records are broken every year now across the board.
Yet will there be a sudden event in which most coastal regions are suddenly deluged in a short amount of time?




White House Games


Supposedly, Nostradamus described “war-like” games and scheme to “destroy” the world by the White House. Certainly, this goes back at least as far as George Bush 1, but the agenda hasn’t seemed to be hell bent on destruction until recently.
With our ‘last’ president receiving the Nobel Peace Prize BEFORE running a war for 7 years behind the scenes of main stream media endorsed economic prosperity, many consider the enemy to be within. Where is that $900 trillion anyway? Doesn’t someone want it back?
As the worsening Middle East crisis becomes back-page news, and the words of the likes of Donald Trump are resonating with the backbone of America, and the words of the likes of Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders entrance brainwashed zombies, what could possibly go wrong?
“The false TRUMPet concealing madness will cause Byzantium to change its laws. From Egypt there will go forth a man who wants the edict withdrawn, changing money and standards.”


Israel’s Fate


“Jerusalem might be assailed on all sides, and a Western naval force will help Israel in fighting the forces of its future adversaries.”
Choices for the Commander-In-Chief of said naval force:



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