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BREAKING – Ku Klux Klan, Aryan Nations Mobilizing Preparations for “Race War” Underway To Begin This Weekend!

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A nationwide alert has been released by the Ku Klux Klan and Aryan Nations for all their local Chapters and related organizations, to “Commence Race Warfare beginning this weekend.”

The call-to-arms comes after 25 year old Michah X. Johnson, a radical from the Dallas vicinity, assaulted Dallas Police officers, shooting eleven cops and killing five cops last night. He told police he did it because “he hates white people.”

He also allegedly stated to Dallas Police he “wants to kill White people, especially white police officers.”

The alerts released by the Klan and by Aryan Nations made obvious they are to commence attacks nationwide THIS WEEKEND, and to “attack and kill urban street blacks – but be mindful not to harm decent, innocent, civilized blacks.” It was signed by the Imperial Wizard, Aryan Nations Knights of the Ku Klux Klan, and handed out to a vast mailing list via ENCRYPTED email from a area near Dawson Springs, KY.

The email refers to “Tactical Operations Plan Alpha-2” and reveals about entering Urban environments, scouting for organizations of “urban thugs congregating on street corners in known drug areas.” It states to use specific VHF radio frequencies to coordinate attempts and makes clear that Klansmen should:

Shoot. Shoot first and Shoot to kill.”

The email proceeds to suggest the level of “ferocious crimes committed by Blacks against Whites for decades” and states

“We’ve essentially been in a race war for over twenty years, we just never understood it was truly warfare being waged against us.”

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It continues on to speak about black-on-white crimes of Armed Robbery, Aggravated Assaults, Rape, Arson and Murder” and utilizes the riots in Ferguson, Missouri and Baltimore, Maryland as current illustrations of “black savagery which went un-confronted.”

This is Real Evidence We are in the End Times! (2016-2017)


Based on Dallas PD Police Chief David Brown, three or even more individuals seem to have taken up elevated positions and triangulated the officers. They were heavily armed, supposedly with semi-automatic rifles and 30-round magazines. One witness stated that one of the shooters possessed so many magazines they were dropping out of his jacket.

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The Klan email states this is evidence that an actual war is currently being waged against Whites in America and that the coordinated attack technique demonstrates “planning to kill as many Whites as possible.”

Fusion Laced Illusions is attempting to get a copy of the so-called “Tactical Operations Plan Alpha-2” but we haven’t yet succeeded.

EXCLUSIVE-Babylon America will fall And in a short time after the EMP has struck the true terror will be unleashed inside the US…

EDITORIAL COMMENT: I want to make it crystal clear that I passionately opposes this announced action and urge folks to NOT BREAK THE LAW. The last thing the United States needs is to rip itself apart from the inside; and that is exactly what an genuine race war would do. We implore folks to listen to the “better Angels of their nature” and permit our police and legal systems to properly, peacefully, deal with the problems the nation faces. It would be a horrible circumstance if this nation descends into an internal race war. We urge all Americans, White, Black, Latino, Straight, Gay, Bi . . . . everyone . . . to get together and communicate with each other, rather than go to an internal race war.

This is a developing story . . . More details will be added as it becomes obtainable.

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