Bombshell Evidence Comes Forth Black Lives Matter Pushing For Martial Law And No Elections After Hacked Twitter DM’s Discover BLM Leaders Scheming With Obama Administration

Written by JayWill7497

HEADS UP! BLM Leader Hacked, Plans Reveal Martial Law by Chaos at Both Conventions

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The Black Lives Matter chief has been hacked. The details that has been gathered is critical to the public.

They plan to establish chaos, bring down Trump, and keep Obama in office by announcing martial law!

This must be circulated to the public now. Please share.

There’s a big push this summer for a race war, these special corrupt interest groups are going to say Trump is a racist, their going to go after cops and whites.

These people who do this and get paid are sick, they really don’t care if they destroy this country and hurt themselves and everybody else, their just like corrupt Hilary they only care about the money.

Their being used by Hilary and Obama and they don’t even realize it,how stupid do you have to be to not see it.

If they think these people care about them they need their heads examined, they will drop you as soon as their done using you, that’s what these globalist do, that’s what the Clinton’s do, they use people.

Don’t think your special because your getting a little bit of attention now, it will soon end,it doesn’t matter who wins, once it’s over your over, they don’t need you any more, then they start treating you, like you have been treating all the Trump supporters, like shit. Remember we are all Americans fighting for the same things,our freedom,which the globalist want to take away.


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