“LE BULLCRAP” – Another BS Fake Psyop HOAX In France!

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The Movie Set that Was the Fake Paris Concert Shooting Hoax


COMPLETE TOTAL RUBBISH – another ridiculous laughable mad “terror” hoax fake event

blogger remark – The scene looks like a Hollywood movie set. No blood trails from dragged bodies. All bystanders are just standing around. Nobody is rendering medical aid.?

blogger remark – Hmmm started looking for evidence something actually really happened. Not found anything yet.? LOOKS LIKE ANOTHER STAGED DRILL.

blogger remark – Yes, if you just think about how it would happen … if a big truck is coming down the road, people would hear it, people would be running and screaming, so people would get out of its way, so there wouldn’t be hundreds of deaths or injuries. They said that the truck was “mowing down” people for a mile. We can see that this is ludicrous.?

Editor’s word – Vlogger JUNGLE SURFER had forecasted this specific attack hoax for Bastille Day

begin here at 2:15 –

vlogger ‘jungle surfer’ –

Zach Hubbard report –

NOTICE IN ADDITION on ABC news first bulletin before they even have much “info” they have a full array of video from the scene– WTF?—Its all psyopping, staged fakery -and the news media IS IN ON THE HOAXING. Its very evil propaganda.

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