Strictly Kept Secret! NASA Finds Invisible Portals In Earth’s Magnetic Field!

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NASA Finds Invisible Portals

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Even though several of all these topics happen to be a component of a multitude of conspiracy theories, men and women on Earth have arrived a long distance in the last ten years in our journey to understand the secrets of the universe.

It ends up there are actually ‘hidden portals’ in our Planets Magnetic Field.

Technologically conversing , that a wormhole is a ‘hypothetical feature’ in space-time in which mainly acts as some form of a shortcut through the universe. The magnetic field continues to be presented in several science fiction movies.

In addition it is recognized as a feasible way of traveling.

In an superior Extraterrestrial beings that Science appears to be divided in their opinions on this subject. Numerous amounts of people believe that wormholes, portals, and shortcuts in the cosmos are more than likely feasible. While others strongly deny that notion, saying it is all part of science fiction.

Interestingly enough, Science Fiction has produced several new technologies a probability. Factors that were regarded as science fiction 1 / 2 a century ago are today’s reality.

Speaking about portals, Space Physicist David Sibeck of the Goddard Space Flight Center suggests, “It’s called a flux transfer event or ‘FTE.’ “Ten years ago I was pretty sure they didn’t exist, but now the evidence is incontrovertible.”

A great example of exactly how science fiction transforms into a probability is a discovery NASA made in Earths Magnetic Field as NASA has found that there are invisible portals there.

Let’s not forget, there are specific areas in Earths Magnetic Field which is linked with our Sun’s Magnetic Field, which means that this enables for an ‘uninterrupted’ path that stems from Earth to the Sun, positioned some 93,000,000 miles away.

For NASA to make the discovery, NASA utilized its THEMIS Spacecraft that examined the phenomenon.

In accordance to NASA, the unusual portals open and close numerous times a day.

Strangely enough, UFO predators have believed for decades that our sun is a component of a massive Star Gate employed by ‘Gods’ or highly advanced extraterrestrial civilizations to journey throughout the universe swiftly.

Based on research, the portals NASA found are mainly located 10,000’s of kms from Earth, and a number of them are tiny while others are massive, substantial and continual.

Now based on scientists, these kind of portals shift enormous quantities of magnetically charged particles that form in the sun.


We can find several unanswered questions:

So why does the portals form every eight minutes?

Exactly how does magnetic fields on the inside of the cylinder twist and coil?

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