Obama Blocks Release Of DHS Report: DHS Lying It’s Butt Off About Illegal Mexico Border Crossings!

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Federal lawmakers in the hunt to figure out the number of illegal immigrants who successfully creep across the southern border ordered up a report from the Department of Homeland Security, but the agency declines to release it and as an alternative cites a misleading statistic that overstates the amount who are nabbed.


DHS dismissed it is holding back the report, but sources point out it was concluded in November and that it exhibits roughly half of adults who try to cross the border make it – approximately 250,000 altogether.

But that amount is at odds with DHS’ official estimates. The agency boasts authorities catch 80 percent of adults attempting to creep in, but critics point out the figure is padded to make it look border security is more efficient than it really is.

“The Obama administration knows that the number of illegal aliens successfully getting across the Mexican border is 158 percent higher than they are telling people,” stated John Lott, president of the Crime Prevention Research Center, who evaluated the statistics. “The administration has made fraudulent changes in the numbers to hide this.”


If released by the Obama administration, the accurate numbers could have major ramifications in the current presidential race, whereby illegal immigration and border security have become a key issue, claim observers.


One source acquainted with the report said that DHS is quelling the report for “political reasons . . . because it would ‘look bad’ and ‘help elect Donald Trump.”

Republican lawmakers are livid that the report they ordered is not being revealed.

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