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Videographers WatchmanStormzRichard Hans Aguilar, and Jason Alexander Days Of Darkness have released a series of news clips from the past few weeks showing what they think are “unprecedented” and “shocking” events they call prophetic in nature.
Epic weather events, which include historic floods in the midwest, shattering towns and washing away residences with 25 million in the path of those storms with roads becoming fast moving rivers.

Wild fires trapping drivers, cars burning in a “highway inferno,” countless running for their lives. From California to Canada, horrific devastation as over 20 separate fires leave a path of devastation in their wake.
Earthquakes rattling whole areas, with one women talking about the shaking of her home around the Hayward fault, which was not long ago in the news as scientists stated “there is a big earthquake coming” because the area is “overdue” for the big one. Other important events relating to earthquakes viewed in the clips above consist of the cluster of Alaska quakes, one of which was a 6.9 magnitude and a 7.0 in Indonesia.

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