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Uploaded 2016. Through the years, Planet X, Nibiru, Nemesis, and Wormwood have been the topic for debate. has received a steady stream of Planet X observation reports, but as of late, a troubling pattern of disinformation images are now flooding the Internet.

What we’re seeing is a classic case of technology exploitation and impostor relays in the last few months. The result is that people are more confused about Planet X. In this article, we present our findings.

To date, there have been only three authentic South Pole Telescope SPT disclosure videos. Two by the original NibiruShock2012 in January and February 2008 and another by DNIr4808n in September 2008.

There is only a handful of copies of the original DNIr4808n disclosure video and thanks to a hot tip from a reliable source, Marshall Masters could download a copy of it, before it disappeared.

At the time, the DNIr4808n disclosure video which only appeared on YouTube for a few days appeared to corroborate the NibiruShock2012 videos. There was also a concern that it could be a copy.

After the original NibiruShock2012 published his second video, his account was stolen by disinformationalists seeking to discredit his disclosures.

It is important to note, that while you can recover a stolen YouTube account, you must disclose your true identity. For anonymous whistle blowers, this is not an option.

After stealing the YouTube channel from the original NibiruShock2012, disinformationalists posted hoax videos to the stolen channel to discredit the first two, and only authentic videos, posted by the real NibiruShock2012.

For the record, the real NibiruShock2012 did contact Marshall Masters, just before his YouTube account was stolen. He has not been heard from since.

We at  thought this video was interesting enough to revisit it and share it with you. To date this information and images of Planet X, seems to be the most credible. Is this really the first images of Nibiru or is it all just a hoax?


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