Cascadia Rising! Subduction Zone Will Produce 9.1 Magnitude Earthquake!

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A new analysis of The Cascadia Subduction Zone shows that it can and will produce a 9.1 and over magnitude Earthquake. Researchers from Oregon State University and some of the World’s leading experts on tectonic activity of this subduction zone say it’s only a matter of time.

For New people with interest in this subject The Cascadia Subduction Zone runs from northern California to British Columbia, and scientists say it can be roughly divided into four parts.

There have been forty three major earthquakes in the past ten thousand years on this subduction zone, sometimes on the entire zone at once and sometimes only on parts of it. When the entire zone is involved, it’s believed to be capable of producing a magnitude 9.1 earthquake.

The newest data, however, have changed the stakes for the northern sections of the zone, which could have implications for major population centers. Share this around so others can become knowledgable about the very real threat.

One also must wonder if a very large Megaquake in that area will destabilize surrounding areas and faults or possibly large Volcanoes in the region. Just be sure to have a plan in place for yourself and your family.

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