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Get Out Now!: Martial Law In New York – Tanks In The Streets!

Written by JayWill7497


Something very bad is happening in New York. You need to watch this before its too late! Martial LAW is coming and we need to act NOW!

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100 % HOAX .. right out of the Masonic lodge .. like they all are.. Cheers : ) and as usual .. no one died and NO ONE GOT HURT ! All Hoax code.. the spell crafters are hard at work with this silly fake ” Masonic Pantomime ” Have a wonderful day.


Its not a real set of incidents. Just ONE BIG ridiculous ROLLER COASTER OF MADE UP LIES

**** It’s a “Capstone H-R-D” exercise ****

There’s a specific name for what they are carrying out in NYC…its a DHS/FBI/FEMA phrase called HYPER-REALISTIC drill…..The idea is…YOU DO NOT TELL THE PUBLIC ITS A DRILL..you make them believe its real, because in the DRILL part of what you are assessing for is REALISTIC public responses to your interactions with them. THEY ARE TESTING MARTIAL LAW. Not kidding. This is what this is. This is a CAPSTONE “hyper realistic drill”. Its very nefarious because they are scamming with the phony idea that it’s NECESSARY for training…to have some HYPER REALISTIC DRILLS..but what they are doing is PSYOP terrorizing the public. From the latter perspective its seriously seriously illegal because it is the gov’t setting up DOMESTIC TERRORIST PSYOP WARFARE ACTS for a political intention upon its public. Very very unlawful. But utilizing the phony cover idea of HYPER REALISTIC DRILL they sneakily attempt to state it’s legal per NDAA and specific executive orders. Its completely NOT legal and it is sick. Not legal and is ill. But this is totally what is going on – a huge MARTIAL LAW staged scam drill …a DRILL (not a real set of occurrences). A huge hoax and nothing more. And there will be a QUANTITY of youtube videos within the next 72 hours OUTING the falsity of it.

TANKS INFILTRATE NYC for week long Martial Law drill.

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