Could Our Very Sun Hold The Fate Of Mankind? Remote Viewers Say YES!

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With all the END TIME fears going around in 2016 with CERN and the LHC, PLANET X, NIBIRU, NEMESIS the SUNS EVIL TWIN, WW3, ARMAGEDDON and more and more impending EARTHQUAKES, and VOLCANIC ACTIVITIES around the world. One might ask just WTF is going on…? MAJOR ED DAMES (Ret.) US ARMY INTELLIGENCE OFFICER claims they known the answer. Major Edward A. Dames, United States Army (ret.), is a thrice decorated military intelligence officer and an original member of the U.S. Army prototype remote viewing training program. He served as both training and operations officer for the U.S. government’s TOP SECRET psychic espionage unit.

Do Remote viewers really have the power to see into our future? Are we just waiting for a final sign to let us know the end is near? What does the Government really know about the future of this planet? The “Kill Shot” takes us into the mind of MAJOR ED DAMES for a look at the future he says we are fast approaching.

Edward Dames is a ROTC Distinguished Military Graduate of the University of California, Berkeley. Between 1979 and 1983, Major Dames served as an electronic warfare officer and scientific and technical intelligence officer.

In 1982, Ingo Swann, under the direction of Dr. Harold Puthoff, head of the Remote Viewing Laboratory at Stanford Research Institute, realized a breakthrough. Swann developed a working model for how the unconscious mind communicates information to conscious awareness. To test the model, the Army sent Major Dames and five others to Swann as a prototype trainee group.

The results exceeded all expectations – even those of Swann. In six months, Major Dames’ teammates were producing psychically-derived data with more consistency and accuracy than had ever been seen in similar intelligence projects using even the best ‘natural’ psychics. In late 1983, the team parted company with Swann. As the new operations and training officer for the unit, Dames took this breakthrough skill, dubbed ‘Coordinate Remote Viewing,’ and began a new phase of research, testing, and evaluation in order to both uncover its true capabilities, and to perfect its application to fit crucial intelligence collection needs.

Do you believe REMOTE VIEWING can tell us anything about the future of humankind or even something as large as a massive
sun flare by the sun on earth? What ever your belief about the subject, we hope you found this information to be as interesting as we did.


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