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The End Stage of World Takeover By Clear and Present Evil!

Written by JayWill7497


I can go back to President George H.W. Bush’s New World Order-UN speech to discern its beginnings in present times. He informed us that we were going to be taken over by it and almost guaranteed us-strongly-that it will be a successful takeover. I listened to his speech when he was giving it…live…and remember sensing cold chills running down my back and a sense of powerfully approaching malevolence as I listened to his words. I understood, then, that something had transformed in the world and that this transformation was going to be to the extreme detriment of humanity.

Since prior to the election of Barack Hussein Obama that chillingly evil force had actually become increasingly palpable and may almost be observed manifesting. When Hillary Clinton joined him as his S.O.S. (proper initials) it became even worse yet and metastasized. We are actually overtaken by those who would choose a world rife with marked generated hierarchical distinctions and a decidedly working and impoverished lower class who can be easily manipulated by the “elite” political masters’ will via an unflinching iron fist.


Bloodless Coup
To date, the coup in our country continues to be relatively bloodless. ..that is, unless we bear in mind the myriad US soldiers sent out to fight and die for the protection of our enemies-and, eventually, as blood sacrifices to the satanic Islamic god-those US citizens murdered in Benghazi and other countries because of either the inattention or malevolent strategy of the Obama-Clinton cartel and those who were in fact injured or died during the at this point myriad false flag events meant to keep us in a state of mayhem so that we don’t notice who’s really behind the curtain. I’ve been writing about the elites’ planned ascendancy of a North American Islamic Caliphate and its attendant Iron Curtain (which has currently almost fallen in the former USA) for a number of years. Right now many other whistleblowers are, also, writing about these same trends which are close to coming to fruition.

Amongst numerous others intended to demolish the USA as quickly as possible, Obama started the planning for the installation of Muslim Brotherhood members to the US government’s security practically as soon as he grabbed the title of POTUS. Nowadays, that infiltration is almost complete.

Our children are increasingly being trained Islamic “principles” in grade school and beyond. Islamic terrorists in the USA have already been permitted to rape women and children with practically no repercussions for their crimes. Under the Obama-Clinton government, lawlessness is becoming the norm and the only ones regarded as “enemies of the State” by those in power were and still are those who would like the US Constitution reinstalled as the foundational legal document of and for the United States of America.

Dictatorships and Oligarchies
Dictatorships and Oligarchies get started and are firmly installed when the folks refuse to believe their eyes and ears and quit utilizing their minds. These tyrannical governments are, additionally, greatly aided by those who drag their feet and refuse any responsibility for their own lives and their country’s government. If We-the-People have made the decision that it’s too difficult or too much work to become engaged in self-government and self-rule, we have already ended our possibilities of survival.

Tyrannical governments start when those governed come to be lazy…and laziness gets to be the catalyst for the violent usurpers to take over. Death, chaos, riots, round-ups and the final destruction of all the folks have constructed and believed inevitably and irrevocably follow. We currently find ourselves on the cusp of all of these. The only feasible way out is to transfuse someone who has the will and fortitude to stop the madness into the US presidency. Hillary Clinton has actually strongly stated and pointed out she will continue with the madness of business as usual. Trump offers the only possibility for change back into sanity.

We’re actually close enough to notice the end of our existence as a nation and a people. As Donald J. Trump has stated more than once about voting for him…”What have you got to lose?” From my advantage level, there is nothing to lose and much to achieve by making it possible for Mr. Trump to become President of the United States of America Donald J. Trump. If we do not elect him? Think Hunger Games…or a great deal worse. Even today, he’s doing the best job he can to help our country get back on track after it has been, actively, derailed for much too long. This is our last chance to revive our country from the dark side back into the light.

It seems to me Putin is being held in high regard for keeping a standard of values that represents honesty, and strength of character that we have seen a decline in over the years in the western world.

Canada had to put up with Stephen Harper’s decention, bending over for the ruling elite The United States is still putting up with Obama’s dictatorship and decention.

who couldn’t bend over more than he has let alone wearing out many knee pads for the ruling elite globalists. Need we bother mentioning North Korea Kim un Jun wong dong whatever lack of any morals and self restraint against his own people slaughtering them at will for having a brain.

And many more who are evil dictators with low self esteem. It might not be hard to be a man with a strong sense of moral character within the low standards we have today, but Putin has led with a good outlook to rebuild Russia on Christain laws and standards which is commendable to say the least.

I already know this will fire some people up who would love to discredit any good that’s being done by Putin in Russia and on the world stage, but you have to expect the good the bad and ugly given our right to free speech.

Putin doesn’t sit back and bullcrap his way through one day to get to the next. When he say’s Russia is going to do something, that’s what he means. I think he showed that clearly going in and doing the job Obama said he had been doing since 2012, and Putin wrapping it up in a few months shows the difference between the two leaders about meaning what they say they’re doing and Putin’s result in a fraction of the time speaks for itself… Leading a country in this day and age is a nightmare.

The global economy going down the crapper, war on minds of all countries, civil rights being demolished in democratic countries, worldwide terrorism, the slaughter and rape of innocent women and children by radical jehadies. What’s the United States, Canada, England Japan going to do when the dollar makes its last and final gasp as it completely deflates into nothing.

They have no backup plan. A cashless society so they can have it all, forcing everyone to have a gps cashless society chip put in them. Complete and total bankruptcy. Russia, China, and the other BRIC members have been putting in place the new currency for their countries to continue trade, consumerism, industry, transport, shipping, in play now.

World faces ‘make or break moment’ in Syria: Ban Ki-moon

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