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YouTube Heroes: YouTube Looking For A Few Good Snitches To Flag ‘Inappropriate’ Content!

Written by JayWill7497


SAN BRUNO, CALIFORNIA — YouTube announced it’s launching a crowdsourced moderation program called YouTube Heroes, which asks users to flag inappropriate content, add captions and subtitles and answer questions on the YouTube Help forum.

YouTube says moderators will be able to get perks like access to workshops and sneak previews of upcoming product launches.

According to a video released by YouTube on the Heroes program, volunteers will get points for accomplishing certain tasks.

At first, users only get to flag individual videos, but as they level up, they get access to mass flagging tools that would allow them to check off a number of videos at once.

It looks like Heroes will have the ability to remove comments.

YouTube Snitches sounds like the perfect job for today’s unemployed social justice graduates just looking for a way to make the internet a safer space for everyone.

And honestly, what better way to make YouTube a safe space than by bullying content creators?

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