Get Out Of Jacksonville Now!!! 11 FT Storm Surge Coming!!!!! Frankenstorm Matthew On The Move!

Written by JayWill7497


Florida residents were urged this morning to stay away from windows and doors as Hurricane Matthew’s howling wind and driving rain pummeled the state, at the start of what is expected to be a ruinous, day long battering of the Southeast coast.

The strongest winds of 120 mph were just offshore, but Matthew’s wrath still menaced more than 500 miles of coastline and 26 million Americans.
At 7am, the western edge of Matthew’s eyewall – the most dangerous part of the storm – was brushing Cape Canaveral where a U.S. Air Force Station and NASA’s $11 billion Kennedy Space Center are located.

Hurricane Matthew watches, warnings and forecast on Friday morning.

Here’s what it’s like to fly into the eye of Hurricane Matthew.

In Florida 600,000 without power and 22,000 in shelters as Hurricane Matthew continues to pound Florida

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