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LIVE Stream: Second Presidential Debate Donald Trump vs Hillary Clinton. Oct 9, 2016.

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LIVE Stream: Second Presidential Debate Between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. Oct 9, 2016. Washington University in St. Louis. at 07:00 – 10:00 pm. (EST).

Second presidential debate live stream: Trump vs. Clinton time, TV schedule, and how to watch online.
The videotape of Donald Trump that is shaking up the presidential election sat forgotten on a shelf at NBC’s “Access Hollywood” until just a few days ago.
Donald Trump Apologizes For Offensive Statements
On Monday, according to an NBC source, one of the entertainment newsmagazine’s producers remembered Trump’s 2005 taping session with former “Access” co-host Billy Bush.
Trump’s offensive comments about Alicia Machado were still making waves. And the Associated Press had just published a detailed story quoting former “Apprentice” employees saying Trump “was lewd and sexist” while taping the reality show.

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