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On The Fringe Of Nuclear World War? Clinton Hype Distracts From Criminality And Imminent Strike On Russia!

Written by JayWill7497

As nuclear war with Russia over Syria is now being prepared in earnest and craved by New World Order fiends which includes the Clinton’s, the Obama administration and the Bushes, a “civil war” is now being waged just before the US presidential election. The future of the whole globe is at stake.

The endeavors to control the narrative, and the final outcome, are distressed and unparalleled, as has been the opposition to the imperial propaganda attempt.


A Hillary Clinton presidency is now being forced down the collective throats of humanity with enormous psy-op, a worldwide “wag the dog”. The end game of the elites-nuclear war with Russia, the long-awaited conquest of the Eurasian subcontinent, and a criminal succession should not be derailed. A Trump victory and a popular rebel present hazards to this end game, and has to be thwarted at all costs.

Aligned in opposition to the New World Order is an unparalleled anti-establishment opposition, represented by Trump and his movement, exemplified by Wikileaks, DC Leaks, Anonymous, the alternative media, and the vital warnings of whistleblowers and seasoned observers who understand the Clintons, and people such as Cindy Sheehan and Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein, who alerted that a Hillary Clinton presidency presents and instantaneous threat of world war.

Concerns are getting to the breaking point. Within the US, there is powerful volatility on all fronts, and divisions at every level.


The Clintons’ filthy propaganda tidal wave

The Clinton/Bush/New World Order forces and their worldwide corporate media tool have concocted a propaganda design of enormous ratios -an alternative reality composed of smoke and mirrors, false narratives.

The complete mainstream media, from the international and national to the local levels, is operating as nothing more than a propaganda bull horn for Clinton, a weapon of around-the-clock mouth-foaming character assassination towards Trump, and an all-out propaganda assault in opposition to Russia. In lockstep, the Washington criminal establishment guided by the Clinton and Bush factions, and the corporate media that they own, pummel the war drums around the clock, disturbing collective obedience and surrender.

Trump is the prompt target, but Russia is the bigger and more important one. Russia has to be set up as the justifiable goal for war. Russia is now being systematically held responsible for Donald Trump and “interference” with the election, for a total infiltration of America. Russia is held responsible for Wikileaks and all counter-Clinton resistance.

It doesn’t get more Orwellian than this, or more hazardous. Reality continues to be turned upside down. Trump is displayed as a fascist madman. The headline of a recent editorial penned by former Clinton official Robert Reich, typical of what is discovered across the mainstream media currently, screams: “Failing to vote for Clinton puts our future in jeopardy”. This rubbish spews forth, when in fact Hillary Clinton is the neocon, the war criminal, the fanatic who is demanding for nuclear war with Russia. In truth, Hillary Clinton puts all of humankind in jeopardy immediately. In truth, there shall be no future at all when nuclear war breaks out.

The degree and depth of the collusion, the bald-faced nature of the deception, has never been more obvious. The utter number of Clinton/Bush surrogates, mouthpieces and gatekeepers, is astonishing. Hollywood and the entertainment world, controlled by the same forces and CIA assets as the news media, are likewise out in force. The Trump-bashing, the “Trump as pervert” allegations, the pro-Clinton cover-up and fantasy spinning is around the clock, from snarky pro-Clinton Saturday Night Live skits to the glib talk show hosts and entertainment “reporters”. An upcoming episode of the TV series Law and Order, to be revealed prior to the election, is now being specially produced to illustrate a Trump-like sexual predator who is running for office.

The Clintons ruined Bernie Sanders and stole the Democratic Party nomination utilizing a variety of criminal means. What Sanders endured is nothing in comparison to what is now being dealt to Trump. The combined forces of the Clintons and Bushes-virtually the whole New World Order and its networks-are aiming their weapons at Trump. The dissent and resistance that he symbolizes is to be smashed and silenced. They will stop at nothing.

Ruining Trump


Days before the second presidential debate, it appeared that Donald Trump’s campaign was neutralized by the Hillary Clinton sleaze machine.

Subsequent a first debate in which the Clintons brazenly and criminally cheated, the Clintons went straight to what they do best: more dirty tricks. The “bombshell” intended to end Trump was a inexplicably recorded audio clip from 2005 in which Donald Trump was captured utilizing “lewd locker room” language about women. The true source of the leak is not recognised. Suspects could involve any number of Clinton-connected CIA assets within NBC and/or Republican operatives (connected to Paul Ryan or the Bushes) working with the Clintons to eliminate Trump from the presidential race.

NBC executive producer Rob Silverstein states that he was not the leak, while admitting that he learned about the tape. What is recognized is that Washington Post asset David Fahrenthold, a fervent anti-Trump pro-Clinton attack dog who was accountable for generating the furor over supposed improprieties within Trump’s charities, somehow acquired the clip from the leaker. The Washington Post, like much of the corporate media, is an Establishment propaganda organ, rife with CIA assets, taken over by Clinton and Bush plants, and lacking of “journalism”.

Trump’s private discussion (likely illegally taped) was with Billy Bush, host of NBC’s Access Hollywood and host of Miss Universe pageants. Billy Bush is the nephew of George H.W. “Poppy” Bush. He is the cousin of Jeb Bush, son of Jonathan Bush, who is the brother of “Poppy”, and a manager of some of the Bush family’s numerous banking interests, which includes the CIA-connected Riggs Bank, which customized in money laundering.


It is not recognized if Billy Bush was immediately and knowingly involved in setting the trap on Trump, or if he has played any direct political function from his handy position within NBC. The tape’s release was no surprise. Bush not only remembered the recording but bragged about it to NBC colleagues at the time of the Rio Olympic Games in August 2016. Given the enduring connection between the Clintons and Bushes, and their shared hatred of Trump, a Bush presence in the middle of an anti-Trump operation does not seem to be a coincidence. Billy Bush is in the process of leaving NBC (after being “suspended” for having laughed along with Trump), and is negotiating a profitable severance package. The rest of the Bush family, nevertheless, is no doubt chortling with glee over Trump’s ruin, and proud of Billy for playing the fall guy. Here was one manifestation of the Bush “throat cut” warning to Trump. There will be more to come.

So determined is the New World Order for a Hillary Clinton White House that the Republicans, led by Paul Ryan, are willing to chance their own political seats to get rid of Trump. Some fifty Republicans instantly withdrew support for Trump.

The furor over this authentic Trump tape continues to be followed by an onslaught of other Trump-as-pervert-sexual predator allegations that the media and its legions of operatives have dutifully and boldy trumpeted and repeated.

The claims are transparently deceptive, the accusers very likely paid off by Clinton operatives. They are baseless, unwitnessed, out of nowhere claims from decades ago, some by folks who have already been verified to be liars. Although the Trump campaign has reacted to each smear with legal action, the corporate media has persisted to implement overwhelming pressure, endless air time, endless ink, and an endless march of accusers.

As revealed in the Wikileaks dump of emails to John Podesta, longtime Clinton operative Bill Ivey published that “we’ve all been content to demean government, drop civics and in general conspire to produce an unaware and compliant citizenry”.

Distract a dumbed-down and brainwashed American populace, occupy them with salacious tabloid trash, imprison them sex gossip from which they never emerge. Make sure they stay idiotic and don’t look up truth or read book. Make sure the warnings about Clinton are not heard.

Facts are rendered meaningless, while fakery, illusion and propaganda rule. The degree and scope of the deception is unprecedented.

With just one month until the election, the nightmare is just starting, not only for Trump but for all who are at odds with the New World Order. This writer predicts that in the coming weeks, the Clinton sleaze machine will dredge up new and more outlandish substance to scandalize Trump. And worse.

The opposition strengthens

Inside the bounds of the Clinton/Bush propaganda bubble, it would appear that things are in order. The election is over already. Donald Trump is a sexual predator. Hillary Clinton’s lead is “insurmountable”. Hillary is the “overwhelming” champion of debates (that she did not win), the “overwhelming” leader in polls (that are rigged and compiled deceptively by pro-Clinton media and services that purposely oversample pro-Clinton voters). The election will be ripped off, no matter what, but as a consequence of created reality, Trump is gone, resistance is squashed. It’s over.

But in truth, the deception has not worked. In many ways, it has backfired.

The smear campaign did not work. Trump is not only fighting back with even more pointed attacks but he has more popular support than ever. He is in full attack mode.

In truth, Trump leads Hillary. Based on a Rasmussen poll (which is, unlike the Hillary-rigged polls of CNN, NBC, etc. fairly sampled and more accurate) Trump led Clinton even after the launch of the Trump tape. Based on a more recent Daybreak poll taken at the time of this writing, Trump’s lead is growing.

Wikileaks has exposed bombshells about Hillary Clinton on a daily basis, with more to come.

Daily releases have made clear to you Hillary Clinton from all angles as a criminal. Any one of the facts should have the power to ruin her politically, indict her as a criminal, send her to prison, and eradicate her from public life.

Hillary Clinton has currently been found funding the Islamic State. This facts demonstrates that she, her State Department, the Clinton Foundation, the CIA, the Obama administration actually built ISIS terrorism, in collusion with Saudi Arabia and Qatar, to destabilize the Middle East and topple Syria, towards the nuclear war with Russia that she wishes to wage. It is pure treason. Hillary Clinton is a terrorist. The abuse of power at the State Department, Benghazi, the emails, the Clinton Foundation, election fraud, the entire thing is treason. And include that the host of criminal lies about Hillary’s health and files exposing illegal Machiavellian operations of Clinton operatives.

Trump is gaining aid, his events are visited in the thousands. While Clinton’s aid is smoke and mirrors and illusion: thinly-attended, staged, rigged, and even faked for the cameras. The Clinton campaign even struggles to hire campaign workers.

There is a good explanation why Wikileaks, DC Leaks, Anonymous and other sources of legitimate investigative journalism and truth have almost solely focused their initiatives to stop Hillary Clinton and not Trump. It is because Clinton and the criminal establishment she symbolizes is the real threat to humanity.

Even Cindy Sheehan and Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein have expressed that Hillary Clinton is more threatening than Donald Trump, and advise that Hillary Clinton could launch a nuclear war.

The Trump smears might also be backfiring on the Clintons. It has opened the door for Trump to tackle and reveal Bill Clinton’s known history as a sexual predator and a rapist, and Hillary ‘s history of intimidation towards Bill’s victims. Four of Bill Clinton’s rape victims came to Trump’s defense. Many more victims of the Clintons are coming forward. The “Bill Clinton is a rapist” counter-movement is not going away.

Hillary herself is a sexual predator, and a deviant, consistent with many. There is plenty of rich substance revealing Hillary’s personal history, such as the accounts of former Clinton insiders, Secret Service agents, and rape victims such as former CIA asset Cathy O’Brien, who states to have been raped by Hillary as a young girl.

(The O’Brien account holds the possibilities for absolutely ruining Hillary Clinton, but is actually not pointed out by the Trump forces, nor has it made it into any corporate media reporting. It has not even been notable in the alternative media. This writer is convinced that the O’Brien account is too dangerous to be wielded in a mass public fashion, because it not only reveals the Clintons, but also the Bushes, CIA criminal covert operations, and Iran-Contra.)

The New World Order is determined to force their trickery but they have not been able to shut down the Internet, where the resistance thrives. The Internet is presently too open, too fast, too democratic, too “dangerous”, and offer too many avenues to the truth. This is why the government and its corporate fronts are involved in initiatives to ultimately shut down the Web. Google and YouTube, for instance, are presently engaging in outright censorship of political content but have not fully shut down all dissent.

While much of America continues to be dumbed down and brainwashed, more folks are waking up. This scenario is undesirable to the elites.

Surviving the smear, winning the debate

Trump won the second presidential debate, despite the fact that the Clintons rigged it, despite the clear and aggressive attacks by “moderators” Anderson Cooper of Clinton-controlled CNN (and a CIA intern) and ABC’s Martha Raddatz (White House correspondent in the George W. Bush administration).


They tried to make the event a referendum on Trump’s conduct. They continuously interrupted Trump, but let Hillary filibuster. They rejected to let Trump finish sentences. Cooper went after Trump, accusing him of being a sexual predator. “Do you deny that you groped women?” (laying the groundwork for the allegations of rape that would follow after the debate).

Raddatz injected herself into the argument for Syrian regime change, challenging Trump to address (what she thinks is) the demand for an “armed humanitarian occupation of Syria. She argued with Trump, and squealed in anger at his statements.

Their aid to Hillary was so blatant that Trump stated, “it’s one on three”.

Hillary robotically went about her talking point presentation. She badgered Trump on “character”, pronouncing herself “good”, and took every chance to establish unfounded attack Russia and Putin. She held responsible Russia for the Syrian crisis, terrorism and cyberattacks, held responsible Russia as the force behind Wikileaks and Trump. While saying that as president, she would not deploy “ground forces” in Syria, but assured to send Special Forces, and covert operations (consequently contradicting herself expertly), and guaranteed a no-fly zone (at act of war).

But Trump held the most memorable instances of the night (“You’d be in jail”) and unnerved Clinton by promising to designate a special prosecutor to go after her.


Exposed Bill Clinton as a rapist
Went after Hillary’s emails
Went after Benghazi
Addressed Clinton and Obama as the builders of ISIS and a “disastrous” Middle East full of terrorism (but did not point out the CIA, or Anglo-American management of Al-Qaeda, Al Nusra, ISIS)
Addressed how Clinton desires open borders that permit jihadists to move about freely and enter into the United States (however, no mention of CIA agenda that intentionally permits its assets to be moved around strategically)
Mentioned Wikileaks but did not go into specifics
Slammed Clinton for 30 years of ineffectiveness (but did not point out her specific crimes)
Successfully deflected attacks on his tax returns by mentioning that Hillary and her Wall Street buddies which include Warren Buffett and George Soros also evade taxes
Mentioned Bill Clinton colluding with Loretta Lynch to shut down the investigation into Hillary
Correctly expressed that Hillary has “ lot of hate” but did not go into fine detail, failed to mention Clinton’s recognized history of mental instability and poor character
Trump’s most important exchange was about Russia, in which he brazenly disagreed with the anti-Russia stance of his running mate Mike Pence.

“It would nice to be friendly with Russia so we can fight ISIS together. Russia is killing ISIS, Syria is killing ISIS, Iran is killing ISIS.”

He also responded that he “doesn’t know Putin”, has no business dealings with Russia. “The reason you keep blaming Russia is to attack me”.

Trump trounced Clinton, took the lead over Clinton after the debate, but Clinton’s media machine described her the overwhelming winner via numerous fake polls and fake focus groups.

The criminal past

The Clintons’ criminal history also provides a treasure trove of damning substance. The “elephant in the living room” is this legacy. Their criminal actions in Arkansas, their Iran-Contra/CIA drugs collaboration with the Bushes, their long lasting relationships with the neocons and the CIA, the long string of political murders stretching back to the 1980s, their many financial swindles, the White House scams of the 1990s, the war crimes. The partnership of Bill and Hillary Rodham Clinton is well known and blood-soaked.

There are numerous people who understand in specific detail what the Clintons are about. There are the former Clinton operatives and insiders, the staffers, the bodyguards and the Secret Service agents who were there to witness their crimes. Quite a few, who remain among the living, have spoken out and continue to speak out. There are the political colleagues who were tricked, the insiders and whistleblowers who have been marginalized. Many of these people have spoken out and published books, and their reports are readily accessible.

The question is how far Trump and his operatives dare go into this history, if they dare let Cathy O’Brien speak out, and if the truth galvanizes a resistance among the knowing-a revolution that not even a enormous criminal apparatus can control.

October Surprise: World War III?

While the famous anti-New World Order/anti-Clinton movement aligned with Trump continues surge in the reality not reflected by the corporate media fantasy world, all hopes could be rendered a moot, if the criminal forces have their way.

The greater danger comes from those in power today, who, unlike either presidential candidate, hold the power to produce immediate chaos and calamity.

A full blown nuclear war with Russia would transform everything. It would bring about the literal destruction of the planet. Fanatics are on the march. The resistance understands it.

A false flag event on the magnitude greater than even 9/11 could be in the works.

The Obama administration has announced that it will retaliate against a fake non-existence cyberattack by Russia, in opposition to a fake non-existent Russian infiltration of the US presidential election. A enormous financial crisis, coinciding with a world war, is also a probability, given the collapse of Deutsche Bank, a major criminal (CIA-connected) bank and lynchpin of the world financial system, and the failure of the New World Order to maintain control of its “vassals”, as proved by Brexit.

The more successful the anti-Clinton attempts of Trump, Wikileaks and resistance movements, the more likely the empire resorts to violence and humanity-ending calamity.

The Obama administration may decide to begin the war before the election, to cancel the election.

Or with a Trump win, begin the war before Obama leaves office, stopping Trump from taking office. Or with a Hillary win, begin the war in a more “orderly” sequence, when the “queen” takes the throne.

A real nightmare scenario is upon us. It is no longer “unthinkable”, it is occurring.

Those who reject to passively acknowledge the possible end of the world must act at this point, with what little time is left.

These People Are A Danger To Themselves And Others! Wake Up!!!!!!

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