“Hollow Moon” Theory: Extraterrestrial Base Entrance On Moon Discovered?!

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It’s been more than 40 years since the last Apollo astronauts left the Moon and now once again more conspiracy theories are appearing about our nearest neighbor. One of these is the “Hollow Moon” theory which boasts that the lunar surface is in fact just a shell concealing an alien superstructure underneath.

Not long ago, new photographs which display what seem to be giant UFOs appear to confirm this theory. The number of unidentified objects observed near the Moon appears to indicate that a hidden base is established beneath the surface.

Based on UFO Sightings Daily, NASA scientist Dr. Gordon McDonald indicated in 1962 that the inside of the Moon is hollow. Nobel prize-winning chemist Dr. Harold Urey further breathed life into the “Hollow Moon” theory by indicating that the satellite’s reduced density is because large areas of its interior is “simply a cavity”.

Alien Base Concealed In Moon’s Hollow Interior?

As outlined by the theory, our satellite is not the solid mass of rock and dust that it seems to be. The Moon’s mean density is 3.34 gm/cm3 although the Earth’s mean density is 5.5 gm/cm3. This indicates that the celestial body is 3.34 times denser than water in spite of looking solid on the surface.

While this makes the argument that the lunar surface might be a shell, the lower density could also be revealed in other ways, ways that do not include alien theories. One of the more well-known explanations indicate that the Moon is the remnant of Earth’s sister planet.

Our companion was stated to have developed from the debris after the twin planets collided with each other. This “aggregate” form is thought to be the explanation why the Moon’s density is lower in comparison to Earth.

As long as there is no conclusive evidence, theories such as these will always continue to come up. The only way to settle this matter once and for all is to send a new manned mission to the Moon.

Four decades are too long a wait for a second manned expedition to our nearest neighbor. Nevertheless, with Mars being the new shiny object that has caught the eye of space agencies and alien hunters around the world, it appears that a new manned lunar mission is still off the table.


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