Front Line Dakota Pipeline Activists Arrested, Put In Dog Kennels – Wild Buffalo Stampede!

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Even while demonstrators and law enforcement faced off at the time of a protest in opposition to the Dakota Access Pipeline, a quite unexpected show of force came forth – a thundering herd of buffalo.
A stampede close to the Standing Rock protest camp instigated cries of joy from the Standing Rock Sioux.

Video footage of the moment, known to have happened on Thursday, displays a protester is being interviewed prior to stopping when spotting the herd of wild buffalo in the distance.

The Standing Rock Sioux have been apparently praying for assistance in the middle of the standoff , US Uncut accounts.

“The ancestors are with us,” stated Myron Dewey, who uploaded video footage of the stampede to Facebook.

Buffalo are adored as symbols of sacrifice in Native American customs. Indigenous folks believe the animals, which are also referred to as “Tatanka Oyate” or “Buffalo Nation,” sacrifice themselves to be able to provide their meat and their hides for folks.

At least 117 demonstrators have already been arrested in North Dakota as protesters carry on and protest in opposition to construction of the controversial pipeline, which will cut through Native American property. Protesters state its construction will eradicate sacred sites and have a adverse impact on the region’s drinking water supplies.

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In a statement from the tribe’s chairman, David Archambault II, the leader attacked what he termed the recent “militarized law enforcement” in opposition to protesters.

“Militarized law enforcement agencies moved in on water protectors with tanks and riot gear today,” he stated. “We continue to pray for peace. We call on the state of North Dakota to oversee the actions of local law enforcement to, first and foremost, ensure everyone’s safety.”

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