FBI Director James Comey Goes Rogue: Obama/Clinton/AG Lynch Entire Administration Is Livid!

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Rumors are now going around that FBI Director James Comey has gone rogue. His choice to inform members of Congress (both Democrats and Republicans) that new and perhaps critical evidence has come forth associated with the months-ago concluded Hillary Clinton illegal server/private email scandal, has sent ripples of stunned shock all through the whole Obama administration, and left the Clinton campaign bracing for what might be stunning pre-Election Day fallout.


Currently, the still-developing story goes something like this:

Comey lately learned of new details linked to the infamous FBI Hillary Clinton investigation concluded last summer. He acted rapidly to notify leading members of Congress on what he discovered, informing Attorney General Loretta Lynch he felt “compelled” to do so. That act was in direct breach of Lynch’s wishes that no such public revelation be forthcoming just before the presidential election.

The truth is, some are suggesting Lynch had already promised both President Obama, and Hillary Clinton, that the Comey choice would not be made public before Election Day.

And then it was – leaving Obama, Lynch, and Clinton furious.

Media reports currently suggest the Comey announcement centers upon “thousands” of newly found emails discovered on devices Hillary Clinton’s longtime aide, Huma Abedin, shared with her now-disgraced husband and former Democrat Congressman, Anthony Wiener.



Abedin is currently in hiding, but not before this photograph was taken of her crying as Hillary gives her aide an icy stare just moments after the campaign learned of the Comey announcement, and Abedin was taken off the plane.



The D.C. Establishment is at this very second, turning on Director Comey while at the same time, President Obama and Hillary Clinton are implementing enormous pressure upon Attorney General Loretta Lynch for not keeping Comey under control.

Mr. Comey’s public announcement at re-opening the case into Hillary Clinton’s private server scandal better be supported with critical and substantive info, or his career will not survive the fallout.


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