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EXTRA! EXTRA! Read It! Hillary Clinton Published Some Emails That Will Be Looked Over!

Written by JayWill7497


Nothing about this unique Hillary Clinton email “bombshell,” which includes why it has been actually termed a bombshell, makes a whole lot of sense.

Begin at the outset. Clinton utilized a private server for State Department emails, as did her forerunner Colin Powell. There was an accusation that this was risky to national security. Ended up not to be. There were accusations that Clinton was concealing nefarious handiwork. Turned out not to be. There were accusations that Clinton was moving all manner of extremely critical classified material through these emails. Ends up, for all intents and purposes, not to be.

There were countless hearings on the matter, and absolutely nothing of significance was revealed. There were calls for prosecution for crimes associated to this. No crime was discovered. There was a great deal of overheated media coverage about the “questions” the emails brought up, and the answer to all of those “questions” was the identical: THERE’S NO THERE THERE. Main point here: no harm, no foul. End of “story.”

And at this point the so-called “bombshell.” Further emails have been discovered – even though we don’t fully understand for sure whether they are even additional, or just replicates, or what. The emails that are actually thoroughly fine-tooth combed currently obviously exposed that there was no crime. And so more emails means … just what exactly? It’s not even apparent then on what basis a warrant was sought or granted for these unread emails. Warrants are said to be based on probable cause of a crime having been committed, and it has already been founded that no crime was committed or intended.

So where just exactly is the storyline here, other than the FBI trampling all over an forthcoming election? I can advise a headline the media may use, quoting a particular FBI Director. James B. Comey was “extremely careless” in the exercise of his professional duties.

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