Hoax Or Truth: NASA’s Warning About Apocalyptic 15 Days Of Darkness On Earth In November!

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Currently, rumors are acquiring the key headlines of discussion. One such rumor is about the “Fifteen days of darkness on Earth” in November. Even it is apparent that NASA has supplied this news. But the key question is whether or not the news is true or it is just a hoax.

Based on the rumor, the month of November is going to encounter this apocalyptic darkness. Even some persons identify it as a critical scenario, and this without cause spreads terror among the people today.

The stated fifteen days apocalyptic blackout will occur from 15th November 2016 to 29th November 2016, although this news is specifically rejected by the NASA. The expert team of NASA has made it obvious that no such thing is going to occur, and no such news is at all distributed by the NASA.

The expert team also mentioned that in 2015 the same rumor also flooded the key discussion of the people. A report from an unknown source has detailed that the current head of NASA supplied a detail information about this event.

Even the source also stated that NASA has portrayed this occurrence as an astronomical event between the Venus and the Jupiter. In fact, it is detailed as one of the major celestial occurrences.

But the expert team of NASA also invalidated this report and stated that this kind of phenomenon can only happen when two planets come closer and a specific angle exists between them. And there is no possibility of such kind of alignment.

Therefore, the bottom line is the apocalyptic darkness is just a hoax and there is no truth in it. When space science is quickly developing its technological growth, then such rumor should be addressed with strict legal action, because space science only is designed to develop the human civilization.

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