New Jason A Video: Something Very Strange is Going On Worldwide! (2016-2017)

Written by JayWill7497


YouTube videographer Jason A, in the video clip below shows chilling information about what is taking place around the world. He reviews strange events that have CAPTIVATED just in this past week alone. Zika virus, meteorites firing across the sky, mysterious booms, mass outbreaks, earthquakes, Illuminati symbolism in massive proportions. Something is ongoing prophetically and the truth is, we are living in peculiar times.

Here is the smashing review…

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There are prophetic events that appear to be overpowering the world as we speak. Folks frequently put their heads in the sand as they fail to observe the warning signs God is giving the world. Earthquakes, meteors falling from the sky, and weird weather pattern appear to be pointing to birth pangs. The World is Rapidly Changing and Major Prophetic Events are occurring currently as we speak. Are you awake and listening to what God is trying to tell you?


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