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Is It Real – PLANET X / NIBIRU Arrives – Years Of Hell To Come

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What is planet X also referred to as Planet 7X or Nibiru and what does it suggest for us on earth? Is there a biblical link and does it carry out a roll in the end-times?
NASA, the Pentagon, and the CIA are knowledgeable of the nearing rogue planet

There is proof of an ongoing resurgence of the Planet X (also referred to as Planet Nibiru) cataclysm conspiracy theory subsequent the publication of new scientific studies in 2014 saying proof of a mysterious unnamed planet lurking beyond Pluto. The scientific claims were determined by observations of gravitational influences on a group of space bodies called the “extreme trans-Neptunian objects” (ETNOs) orbiting our Sun beyond the planet Neptune.

Planet X also referred to as Planet Nibiru

A multitude of messages and YouTube videos presently being circulated in the conspiracy theory blogosphere states that a NASA study published in 1988 exposed particulars about the mysterious Planet X/Nibiru with an approximated orbital period of more than 1,000 years.

The study, based on conspiracy theorists, shows that NASA and the U.S. government happen to be knowledgeable for decades that the rogue Planet X is coming with catastrophic consequences for humanity.
Based on conspiracy theorists, fairly recently leaked secret NASA “Planet Nibiru” files expose that the agency is knowledgeable that the gravitational influence of Planet X had disturbed the orbits of other planets during a previous passage into the inner solar system hundreds of years ago; and that the next troublesome passage into the inner solar system is impending.

The approach of the mysterious Planet Nibiru is at present sending waves of charged “plasmatic energy particles” through our solar system. The flow of energy will finally affect the “core flows” of the Earth and result in catastrophic changes in Earth’s climate.


Based on 4 major biblical prophets something absolutely frightening is coming our way, and it will hit homeland before the 1st of January 2017…

We are already feeling the troublesome influences of the inbound rogue Planet X since 1996 in the form of increased seismic and volcanic activities, fanatic weather patterns, and natural disasters.

NASA, the Pentagon, and the CIA are knowledgeable of the nearing rogue planet. The Vatican has also been briefed, but the public is being kept in the dark about the approaching apocalypse. But in spite of attempts to keep the information secret, there have been leaks.

The comprehensive review put forward to the White House guesses that about two-thirds of humanity will be wiped out when Planet X induces a pole-shift. Two-thirds of remainders will die over another six months because of starvation and exposure to the elements.

Planet X is in all likelihood ten times more monstrous than Earth

Although some conspiracy theorists persist that the Planet X described in the NASA files is not connected with Zecharia Sitchin’s planet Nibiru – the supposed planet of the alien Anunnaki that makes a close approach to Earth as it passes through the inner solar system on its orbital path once every 3,600 years – numerous conspiracy theorists persist that that NASA’s “Planet X” is Nibiru.

But it is unclear whether the Planet X described in the supposed NASA files is the same as the Planet X that scientific researchers announced in 2014 that they have proof is lurking in the fringes of our solar system beyond Pluto.

Based on the research study known as “Extreme trans-Neptunian objects and the Kozai mechanism: signaling the presence of trans-Plutonian planets,” posted in June of 2014 in the journal Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society Letters, there are at least two planets – part of our solar system – larger than Earth, lurking out there beyond Pluto, and whose existence can be noticed through their gravitational influences.


Based on the growing conspiracy theory, NASA set out on the New Horizons project two years after the 1988 publication exposed the presence of Planet Nibiru. The final destination of New Horizons is Planet X, but to avoid mass panic, NASA pretended that the hot spot of the space probe is Pluto and the Kuiper belt.

In the 1990s, the agency pretended it had deserted the search for Planet X by leaking bogus details that the latest measurements by Voyager 2 demonstrated that Planet X does not exist. Based on NASA at the time, measurements taken by Voyager 2 demonstrated that the supposed irregularities in the orbits of Uranus and Neptune which led to the Planet X hypothesis were caused by overestimation of the mass of Neptune.

But based on conspiracy theorists, the claim by NASA scientists was a planned deception to cover-up the true destination of New Horizons beyond Pluto and the Kuiper belt – Planet X.

Planet Nibiru is ligit

NASA understands that Planet X is serious and that Armageddon is close, based on conspiracy theorists.

The researchers proposed that Planet X is very likely ten times more enormous than Earth and most likely lies about 250 AU from our Sun.

Google Sky has just brought up a region in the space that earlier had been censored by NASA

This collision allegedly formed the planet Earth, and a belt of asteroids and comets. Sitchin states that when struck by one of the moons of Nibiru, Tiamat split in two, and then a second pass Nibiru, hit the broken fragments and half of Tiamat became the asteroid belt. The second half, collided again with one of the moons of Nibiru and was forced into a new orbit and became now the planet Earth. Could this approach with escalating changes in climate, seasons, tides, volcanic activity and tectonic activity .. . and even tornadoes struck in June now? The stars as they approach the Earth’s atmosphere can in fact trigger considerable changes in magnetic activity. For many years, governments have realized that a celestial body approaches (also referred to as brown dwarf star) and its appearance cycle is 3.600 years, plainly talked about in ancient Sumerian cylinder seals and other ancient documents.


A recent announcement that triggered pandemonium in the network. NASA has just been snagged in a lie … and things are more critical than ever!

“Google Sky has just bring up an area in the space that previously had been censored by NASA in this area was hiding what appears to be Planet X, aka Nibiru, according to recent studies, allegedly drove up towards the Earth! . ”

NASA is lying! Could they be lying to us about other incidents that folks still do not know? The response is yes!

We are heading for a apocalyptic situation coming from, “out of this world”, something impossible to our current humanity, as we have memories about it is in our subconscious of past lives and the records of numerous folks. They state the same thing. It is the reason for so many eras in our world; as Atlantis, Lemuria and others; that humanity put on the figure of universal floods. If it was not something very important, because NASA redacted that location in Google Sky?

Does it take Planet Nibiru 3,600 years to complete one orbital voyage? As you can envision, the gravitational consequences of a sizable planet moving close to the inner solar system would spell huge problems for planet Earth. Earth has been acting up recently with an increase in earthquakes, volcanoes, blending of seasons, and more. Open your mind a little and stop trusting everything our so called scientists and NASA people have to tell you. Every week NASA appears to have learned something new that was unimaginable.

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