“There’s A War On For Your Mind!” Alex Jones Goes Off On Julian ASSANGE !!

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Jones and those similar to him think the world has been covertly taken over by a secret global cabal, the so-called “New World Order.” These “globalists,” as Jones types derisively call them, want to take over the United States, which they observe as the final stronghold of freedom on earth.

Jones and his many other travelers also think that the leadership of the United States, in spite of political party, is secretly operating to bring New World Order rule to America. That’s why Jones discusses FEMA setting up concentration camps and Obama acquiring your guns. (Note: neither of these issues are occurring.) They’re laying the groundwork for when a New World Order putsch comes.

The only way to end this, he states, is for people to fight back. For some, especially those in the militia movement, that implies arming yourself against the government. For Jones, it implies arming yourself with understanding about the real nature of the conspiracy; winning the “InfoWar.” His site’s tagline: “There’s a war on for your mind!”

Lots of folks around the country preach a identical concept. What distinguishes Jones from his rivals is his energetic presentation style. Jones yells and rants and raves. He cries, grunts, and growls. He rips off his shirt, slams the table, and pleads with the cameras. He promises you details that “they” are keeping from you, truths about a coming disaster that you need to get ready for and that only Alex Jones has the research ability to uncover.

The pure energy of an Alex Jones performance puts every cable news broadcaster to shame. What he states is obviously ridiculous, but the way he affirms it is just unbelievably watchable.

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These People Are A Danger To Themselves And Others! Wake Up!!!!!!

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