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Countdown To Martial Law!: Survive The Coming Presidential Election! Things To Buy Before Tuesday!!

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Hi my good friends and welcome back! If you happen to be focusing on the Presidential race, then you notice the diametrically contrary groups that are engaged. The primaries haven’t even began and there is actually violence between the two groups. In today’s article, we are going to take a look at Preparing to survive the coming Presidential Election and the likelihood of issues getting out of control. Grab yourself a cup of coffee and have a seat while we take a look.

At this point I don’t know about you, but I attempt to make my way around the major news networks, just to observe what Liberal propaganda they are scattering currently. When I want the real news nevertheless, I go to a couple of the alternative news networks online. It never stops to astonish me how much distinction there is between them. Here is a little technique for you: If you hear the SAME catch phrase utilized for any specific news item on numerous media outlets, then it is likely propaganda from the white house.

Issues are really getting negative out there. I am talking about, when was the last election where folks of different parties were truly fighting in the streets? Not including this one obviously. I have already been on this earth for over fifty years, and have by no means witnessed anything like this election in my whole life. Not so long ago, the two parties were relatively close together in their Ideology. Since 9/11, they have went on to drift further and further away from each other rather rapidly. Today, there is such a large gap between them and each side is so zealous about their beliefs that they are both starting to be violent. This is why Donald Trump has become so preferred among the American Patriots. See that I did not state the Republican party, that’s because those that are in control of that party, have sold out the American People and no longer respect their oath of office.

Indeed, I understand that Trump is running as a Republican, but he does not possess the support of the leaders of that party. Exactly why you may inquire? Its because he is not a member of their corrupt secret societies so they have no command over him when it comes to compelling the President to go along with their infected ideas. They dread what they can not manipulate and they understand if he gets into office their times of corruption are numbered and they can’t have that.

What we have ended up with are two forces, which loathe each other and both view America as demanding to go in a different direction. What I am frightened of is that regardless of which one wins, it will not end there. Neither side is prepared to recognize the others candidate as their President and a great deal more violence is sure to follow. We are set on the edge of civil turmoil and there is no way to prevent it. The time to pick your side is today. You need to search your soul and be sure the side you choose is one you genuinely believe in because once war commences; it will be too late to change your mind.


It is at this moment crunch time and you need to get you final preps geared up. You are going to need at least a years’ worth of foodstuff because this will not be a quick war. You need to be sure that you have as a lot of water in your preps as you possibly can and water filters all set for when you run out of filtered water. If you still need to buy guns and ammunition, right now is the time to do it before they impose Martial Law or enforce new gun control laws to prevent you from being in a position to get them. Get as much ammunition as you can find the money for to utilize to defend yourself and the ones you love.

Be sure you have a good deal of First Aid products, as well as the medications that you take. You may not be in a position to run to the local pharmacy without being attacked for some time. You need to begin organizing your homes and make them defensible. Pay attention to who your neighbors are and if doable, what their party affiliation is. You need to get all of this completed today and as rapidly as possible before it’s too late.

The skies have by now started to darken and November is drawing close. Be prepared for anything, anytime, because when you pitch ISIS and BLM in addition to other groups into the mix, you get a formula for catastrophe and a war in the making. The attack towards us could come at any time and from anyplace so be prepared. We are at a level in American history. We will either come back to the constitution and the Bill of Rights or our country is going to be demolished by the corrupt and evil forces that face us. God will not assist a nation that succumbs to evil and enables it to cultivate. If America crumbles, then the world is lost for we are the last free bastion of freedom. Many men and women have battled for and paid the ultimate price, to guarantee that we have the opportunity to be free.

If we neglect to preserve our freedom for our children and grandchildren, then we have most surely failed those who have given so much to protect it for us. Things are going to continue to get a whole lot worse over the next few months and all the way into next year. Most of us are already planning for this for years, we just didn’t know it.


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