Trump’s Election Turns Hillary Supporters Into Vandals As Protests Erupt In West Coast Cities!

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Jack Davis for Western Journalism reports, Mobs raged in California and other West Coast states early Wednesday as protesters rejected America’s election of Donald Trump as the nation’s next president.

A key Intel source lets us know the subsequent in complete confidence —“The FBI knows who organized and paid for these riots in the streets. Its George Soros and John Podesta (thru mediaries of course). Obama also knows who is behind this but has said nothing to urge an end to the street mayhem BECAUSE it is being staged to protect him. Recently, Wikileaks dropped 23,000 emails of Hillary Clinton which were marked CONFIDENTIAL CLASSIFIED. This is an open and shut chase to send her to jail. Its also an obvious criminal case against Obama because he was well aware of her private server, he emailed to her on that private non governmental receiver often. Because of the election, the “C” emails were not covered well by media at the time. Almost no media reported on them. This post election -street mayhem- is just a distraction to lure TV news away from the possibility of putting a fresh spotlight on the “C” emails Wikileaks story. And the FBI is being silenced but they know these riots are bought and paid for and organized by Soros and Podesta, expressly to try and protect Hillary and Obama.”

From coast to coast, demonstrators are burning flags and effigies of the president-elect while professing that they reject to acknowledge Trump’s victory. But observers online are saying that, in some instances, protesters were bused to the scenes – a telltale indication of coordination.

“Anti-Trump protestors in Austin today are not as organic as they seem,” one local in the Texas capitol tweeted Wednesday, coupled with photos provided as proof.

Some others reported to have discovered ads posted on CraigsList in which a Seattle-based non-profit was soliciting “Full-Time Activists.”

“We are looking for motivated individuals who are seeking Full-Time, Part-Time, and Permanent positions,” reads a line from the ad from Washington CAN! published on Wednesday.

Statements have also been circulating that the new batch of anti-Trump protesters may be bankrolled by individuals like billionaire liberal activist George Soros and groups like

“WTF, @georgesoros busing in & paying #protestors to destroy cities is domestic #terrorism. #fakeProtests #BlueLivesMatter have tough days,” read one tweet in reaction to the viral photo of buses in Austin.

Hundreds of protesters marched through Portland, as news broke that Republican candidate Donald Trump had won the US presidential election, on Wednesday morning. Protesters chanted anti-Trump slogans, with some burning the US flag and filling the city’s streets with debris.

Violence broke out an anti-Trump protest in Portland on Thursday, when dozens of demonstrators smashed windows in the Pearl district of the city. The largely peaceful protest was organised against the President-elect Donald Trump, two days after his victory in the US presidential election.

At least 26 people have been arrested during anti-Trump protests in Portland, Oregon, police say, adding that officers deployed pepper spray as well as “rubber ball distraction devices” to disperse the rally.
The demonstration against President-Elect Donald Trump has gathered for yet another night in the Pacific Northwest city

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