BOMBSHELL : Billionaire George Soros PAID Anti-Trump Rioters & Thugs!

Written by JayWill7497


A key Intel source lets us know the subsequent in complete confidence —“The FBI knows who organized and paid for these riots in the streets. Its George Soros and John Podesta (thru mediaries of course).

Obama also knows who is behind this but has said nothing to urge an end to the street mayhem BECAUSE it is being staged to protect him.

Recently, Wikileaks dropped 23,000 emails of Hillary Clinton which were marked CONFIDENTIAL CLASSIFIED.

This is an open and shut chase to send her to jail.

Its also an obvious criminal case against Obama because he was well aware of her private server, he emailed to her on that private non governmental receiver often.

Because of the election, the “C” emails were not covered well by media at the time.

Almost no media reported on them. This post election -street mayhem- is just a distraction to lure TV news away from the possibility of putting a fresh spotlight on the “C” emails Wikileaks story.

And the FBI is being silenced but they know these riots are bought and paid for and organized by Soros and Podesta, expressly to try and protect Hillary and Obama.”

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These People Are A Danger To Themselves And Others! Wake Up!!!!!!

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